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Giving away 18$ lfs voucher [April Fools]
Im giving away 1 lfs voucher, got it from a race, but i already have s3, so im giving it away. Just write a reply in this thread that you want to try your luck! Everybody can join! Drawing will be after 7 days (8 april) Good luck!
I agree
#3 - Ryche
:thumb:Thanks for this job first
Well, I guess I'll try my luck then ._.
I'll try my luck as well, good luck everyone! Tongue
I'll get into this too.
i just want the S3 upgrade and i'll pass the rest to someone from demo.
im in
(Ibtasim6781) DELETED by Ibtasim6781 : le April Fools got me really good. gg wp
Well Happy April fools day! No vouchers will be given, sorry

i knew it Nod

that's like PingPong with gullible ones Big grin
(mmaa623) DELETED by mmaa623 : I saw April fools prank

Giving away 18$ lfs voucher [April Fools]
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