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Champions of Fern Bay - 9397 Racing
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#1 - lucaf
Champions of Fern Bay - 9397 Racing
Champions of Fern Bay is a series of single events created spontaneously. No sign up, no point system etc. However, the wish is that you join the event in time - the server may be passworded and midrace joining will not be possible.

So far I have planned only first round which is:

Track is loaded on the server currently with several car options. Car selection will be restricted to event specs later.

More information
I like the idea of a Fern Bay series!
#3 - lucaf
This will happen today. No signup. Welcome!
#4 - lucaf
#5 - lucaf
Some kind of LFS rodeo is waiting us next Friday. Be there! The event is scheduled to fit between SRT and Fox Friday events.

Practically the track is almost similar to Round2 track of LAFB series, its just optimized for GTR/Race cars. Combo is loaded on the server.

More information
#6 - lucaf
Reminder, tonight there is much racing fun on LFS.

Champions of Fern Bay starts at UTC 19:00.
Before that you may want to join the SRT event on FE3 with restricted RAC
And after, you are still in time to join Fox Friday!

Let's rodeo!
#7 - lucaf

Champions of Fern Bay - 9397 Racing
(7 posts, started )