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/view /press commands not working with <car>.lfs scripts [FIXED]
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/view /press commands not working with <car>.lfs scripts [FIXED]
As the title says - if I use for example FZ5.lfs script with commands view custom and press 3 neither of the two commands will work. However it does work if I execute //FZ5 manually so it seems that the car scripts need to be executed with some delay for these commands to work.
Good luck having this fixed. I had no luck when I reported it 7 years ago...

Quote from Whiskey :Scawen, as you fixed the issue I had with the scripts I have another report to do (just in case you find it eas and interesting to fix).

In 0.6B version (not tested yet on test patch), if in a car script (XRR.lfs for example) you write
Quote :/press 3

that command will be send before the car is ready, so its lights are not switched on. Maybe you could add a delay to the execution of these scripts to allow the car to be ready to receive inputs Smile

Another one is if you write
Quote :/press esc

you can make LFS don't show you the track after leaving pits/spectating, I guess this would also get fixed with that delay, else, it's quite useless as it only makes the game a mess.

I attach an screenshot showing the actual state of my game. Other players can still see me on track, but I can't see the track even if a disconnect and enter the server again. Once you get into this state you can delete the command from the script, because it makes no difference at all

Well maybe he missed that post or forgot about it. He's not a robot is he?
He has a tendency to miss some kind of reports without even answering. That was on a test patch thread, so he surely was reading those post.

Anyway, if this gets fixed this time, or even a /delay command is implemented, we will be happy.
I think I've sorted this now, but I'm not sure if maybe it works too much now.

When the user's car is created (at start or leaving pits) or reset (including race restarts) or if you take over the car, then the script is run just after the multiplayer packets have been processed.

The car is fully set up by then and assigned to the user, so the script commands work as expected.

I just wondered if it's too much, doing it when the car is reset, or maybe that is what you want.

I'm planning to release another VR test patch today so you could give it a go then.
of course I'm interested, since my last attempt of changing view according to the type of cars get a bit stuck because of this Big grin
Thanks. Seems to work fine now.
Quote from Scawen :I just wondered if it's too much, doing it when the car is reset.

I think that's OK. At least we can now turn lights on automatically on reset Big grin

/view /press commands not working with <car>.lfs scripts [FIXED]
(8 posts, started )