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Bought S3 and it's still S2? (Solved)
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Bought S3 and it's still S2? (Solved)
So i bought the S3 version and now it's still S2? Can you help me with it, because money are taken but my account is not upgraded yet, even in forum? Can't even upgrade it in game...
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Already did, now waiting...
Hope it is fixed soon for you Thumbs up ! Rockingham is waiting for you Wink
I do too, thanks!
go to your profile thing in lfs home screen and press unlock
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Devs told me paypal is doing a review on the payment for some reason we don't know... The funny thing is rhis is the third time i buy license(bought s2 for my brother too some months ago) and the first time this thing appears.
i encounter the same thing like this\\\
how did you finish it??
Paypal delayed the payment... You have to wait some time, usually few hours but sometimes day or two!
ok i got it!thank you!looks like just one way:waiting

Bought S3 and it's still S2? (Solved)
(11 posts, started )