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Epic Fun Event #2 - Saturday!
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Epic Fun Event #2 - Saturday!

what's new layouts?:
-5 Layout from Harsh Drift Server (+Edited Race by me)(only UF1 or MRT)
-3 Layout From LFS community
-Drag24 Offroad Layout
-Layout Y Location (New Gamemode!) [Red,Yellow Blue and White].
-AOR Nova's Mini Monaco layout. (Really Good Circuit)
*Epic Random race layout feel free ask vote layout.

Please check Timezone in Poland:

Previous events video:

#2 - Sobis
Now this looks like an absolute blast! I'll try to be there!
Good! Smile

55 minutes left to start fun event guys!
fun events is start! free join now!
fun event is over! Smile

Epic Fun Event #2 - Saturday!
(5 posts, started )