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LFSremote not working after ddos fix? (fixed)
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#1 - lucaf
LFSremote not working after ddos fix? (fixed)
Is it just me or somebody else also having empty screen in LFS remote?
#2 - Racon
Same here: logo flies in then out, then blank screen bar the question mark button in the top right corner.
It's currently blocked because of server lock down. Need to find a solution to this without opening up our server again. This may mean that it will be unavailable for a while.
...a year passed.
Strange, but earned. In the list Demo only boootyR and AMG.
#7 - lucaf
Looks like it has been fixed now Petals
Not working now.

And since yesterday I get this at insim relay
Could not connect to the relay to gather your information. Click on the 'Insim relay' tab above to try again.
#9 - Racon
Same here, error 2031 when connecting to remote, both when specifying a server and when expecting a list. All the servers I had set in the relay have disappeared too, so possibly it's been down a fortnight and they've been autocleaned?
Think the insims still there. Web says can't connect to the relay.
Oof sorry. The relay crashed and I had switched off monitoring for it so I didn't notice Frown Fixed now though.
...and all the server details remembered too, thanks Victor Thumbs up

LFSremote not working after ddos fix? (fixed)
(14 posts, started )