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I Need Help With my Insim [BR/ENG]
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I Need Help With my Insim [BR/ENG]
Anyone know how do I hedge a player to stay X time as a spec?

For Example : !prender usuario // !arrest username
And appear this message:

> Você foi Preso por 150 segundos // > You are Arrested for 150 seconds

If you know how, and the code. Help me Please.

[ This is For my Cruise Insim xD ]

I'm not good at this at all so correct if I'm wrong.
As far as I know, what you're trying to do shouldn't be too hard to make.

First of all you need to make the command, so when lets say an admin does !arrest <username>, they will be spectated. Along with just spectating the user, also assign a variablue to true.

$arrested = true;

Now we head over to the IS_NPL packet (i looked it up in LFS Manual).
For this, I would use an if statement

if ($arrested == true){
$msg = "You're arrested, 45 seconds left.";

Something around there.. I'm afraid I can't help you with the code, good luck!

I Need Help With my Insim [BR/ENG]
(3 posts, started )