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No-second pitstop glitch, Potential race ruiner [FIXED]
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No-second pitstop glitch, Potential race ruiner [FIXED]
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Attention to Scawen or Eric who does coding,

When you attempt to pit on pit-box; if I open pit menu and change let's say Damage Repair to yes, so color goes from Yellow to Red and transitions back to yellow as setting is saved.

Meantime, if I stop on the pit-box while this pit setting is saved, I can get a free 0 second pit stop, no matter the severity of damage.
This occurs only if timing is right - your car has to stop, then there is a 0.3 second wait before GUi "PIT STOP :" comes up. If the pit-setting goes from Red to Yellow (saved) just as the GUi appears, pit-stop magically happens and you get repaired car.

Although requires almost inhuman timing, I have replicated this glitch twice in single player and again twice in online. Half of those were premeditated.

Please resolve this issue, it might be a race or battle breaker if it happens mid-race.
Any update? Is kind of unfair if someone uses or accidently does it in race.

Just had a few people try to do it, after a few times it becomes fine. Can now induce this bug at will... not good.
any replay?
#4 - Racon
As a temporary fix, it should be possible to detect this with an InSim - the IS_PIT packet contains a bitfield so you can see what work was done, and the IS_PSF packet contains the length of the pitstop.

Edit: I'm having a little tinker at a standalone insim (no promises), what's the quickest legit pitstop you can manage with repair on? I'm hoping it's clear-cut enough to just set a hard limit.

Edit2: I can't manage to recreate it, maybe I'm just not getting the timing right. Can someone who can pull it off come and do it on PiranMOTODebug and report back what number it gives for 'Work' and 'STime' for a hacky stop or two? I need to check insim is getting the info that the timing code isn't.

Edit3: Bah! I've just noticed the PSF doesn't fire until you move, regardless of when you're able to move. Good choice for the context of racing, but a bugger for this. I'll have to guess at a minimum time from the work done Smile
I'll upload a replay soon hopefully.

Timing is key, you have to stop in the box and just as you ground to a halt the pit request has to go from Red (changing) to Yellow (Updated). Has to be synchronised right down to the milisecond.

Have recreated it a couple of times and its quite easy once you get the timing and initial idle speed right
#6 - Racon
OK, I'll have another session trying to get the timing later on. It'd still be useful to see the numbers if you could pop by PiranMOTODebug and do it there. (If the first packet reports no work done, this idea is useless... I'm working on fingers-crossed basis until then Smile )
Am there now! @racon
#8 - Racon
Doh! I can see the insim has gone down from here, but I can't restart it til I get home (4 hours ish). Might be able to talk one of the kids through restarting it for me when they get home from school in about an hour and a half. Sorry fella Frown
There's no pit boxes. I can't do the test Frown
You were on PiranMOTORally, it's only coded into PiranMOTODebug... but it wasn't just the insim that was down, it was the whole server, Grrrr. It's back up now.

PS: nice S1 on rally, only 30 more minutes to get to the end Wink
I managed to get the hang of it, the insim is told no work was done Frown
Mhm. Even more obvious if you have a busted shock or suspension. Repair is literally instant and if you get the hang of the timing its very repeatable... not good Frown

Didn't know Insim counts it as no work. That's a bigger bug than I thought... so in leagues fastest pitstopper would be... 0 seconds? not 1.21? Tongue

1:50 for bug and then repeat few seconds later. Is easily repeatable bug once you get timing right. @Immudia @Scawen
Any fix for this? Is a definite bug in multiplayer that can ruin close races if someone were to change tires in 0 seconds...
Any followup?? No one is interested in fixing a potentially event ruining glitch?
maybe it's a feature

Edit: The car has been like that for as long as i can remember.
But tbh, I would rather have them finish up the tracks and shaders and have this fixed later on.

Edit 2: I can remember back when i first bought LFS i was so hyped for the F1 cars, and could never get to 2nd gear.
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Any chance of an SPR?

Maybe at FE Club so it's quick to load and do a lap.
I can dig out or make one, but not until I get home from work... likely 7/8pm tonight.
OK, I think I can understand it now.

I couldn't reproduce it in single player mode at all but have done it a few times in multiplayer.

I think the bug only exists with packet delay which isn't there in single player.
Sorry, I didn't grok the S part of SPR, I think I've only ever done it in multiplayer as I was playing with the insim detection on my debugging server. I'll have a go in single player for reference if you still need that by the time I get back home.
No, I think it's OK now, I'm just trying to figure out a fix.

I don't think you could do it in single player.

If possible, please could you test this has been fixed?

I do believe it works but it would be good to hear from someone else!

Thanks for the report and testing.
I meant to last night, but meatspace happened again *sigh*.

Seems to be fixed, I couldn't get it to happen. Cheers! Thumbs up

No-second pitstop glitch, Potential race ruiner [FIXED]
(24 posts, started )