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Problems to reach the lfs websites from Serbia
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Problems to reach the lfs websites from Serbia
Hello everyone,

the Live for Speed fan page got a question recently if was actually down. From my point it seemed ok, but for M. Radonijc it did not improve, so he asked to ask on the forum (so I only act as a proxy over here) if anyone has an idea where his problem could come from. The conversation took place over at Facebook on the fan page for LFS.

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For me (and I'm not the only one I know of. Different ISP and geographic locations in Spain) it's been taking 30 seconds to load the pages these last days.

In the past I also had that screen, but Retry for live version worked fine. Tho at those times the load time was okay.
I currently live in Bosnia and Herzegovina and had the exact same problem few days ago. It seems its fixed now
Doesn't work for me either (Czech Republic), it does work with VPN though.
I had also problems opening since sunday afternoon. Now everything works fine using UK proxy server. Not sure where's problem from normal connection. (from Germany)
I can reach it again,finally Smile
I am M. Radonjić, thank you TFalke55 for your effort Wink
I'm back as well. Couldn't reach it for like 3-4 days but it's working now!
Just deactivated proxy - works for me too now!
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Had the same problems from Austria - no proxy running. Right now is the first time I got the live version of the site since probably Friday afternoon...
Is it working now for everybody?
Quote from Victor :Is it working now for everybody?

Just lfsworld seemed slow for me before now just normal.
Works for me Thumbs up
Working for me
Yeah, got no further problems with the site... Smile
Still notice a slow lfsworld and Life Host progress often loses connection (error 520)
Now having the same problem just with lfsw - forum works fine,can't access lfsw,getting just Cloudflare with bad gateway. Activated proxy shortly,got that captcha test to verify that i'm not a bot and could access lfsw.
Wondering,what has changed - had no problems yesterday.
everything is fine here in usa
Oh,for the record - seems like the problem was just in that monday,could access yesterday and no problems today either. Well,weird. Shrug

Problems to reach the lfs websites from Serbia
(19 posts, started )