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[PHP] LFS Color Codes -> HTML tag
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[PHP] LFS Color Codes -> HTML tag
I've written a basic PHP function to convert LFS color coded strings into a string using HTML

tags. See the code below:

function lfsColorToHTML($text)
$repred 0;
$repgreen 0;
$repyellow 0;
$repblue 0;
$reppink 0;
$replightblue 0;
$repwhite 0;
$repblack 0;
$htmlCode str_replace("^1""<span style='color:red'>"$text$repred);
$htmlCode str_replace("^2""<span style='color:green'>"$htmlCode$repgreen);
$htmlCode str_replace("^3""<span style='color:yellow'>"$htmlCode$repyellow);
$htmlCode str_replace("^4""<span style='color:blue'>"$htmlCode$repblue);
$htmlCode str_replace("^5""<span style='color:pink'>"$htmlCode$reppink);
$htmlCode str_replace("^6""<span style='color:lightblue'>"$htmlCode$replightblue);
$htmlCode str_replace("^7""<span style='color:white'>"$htmlCode$repwhite);
$htmlCode str_replace("^8""<span style='color:black'>"$htmlCode$repblack);
$totalrep $repred+$repgreen+$repyellow+$repblue+$reppink+$replightblue+$repwhite+$repblack;
$repcounter 0;
$repcounter $totalrep)
$htmlCode .= "</span>";



"^1Hello ^2World. ^3Testing.";

$newString lfsColorToHTML($myString);

$newString//Result: <span style='color:red'>Hello <span style='color:green'>World. <span style='color:yellow'>Testing.</span></span></span>


An example can be seen on my team website. The server color codes are converted using this function:
Yours is definitely more technically skilled than mine Tongue
Edit: As Dygear says; just use Victor's library at

If you're not a fan of nesting your span's (which assuming you're putting your output through a html sanitiser might make it's job a little easier) you could do something like the following, which will result in;

<span style="color: red">Hello </span><span style="color: green">World. </span><span style="color: yellow">Testing.</span>


$str = "^1Hello ^2World. ^3Testing.";

echo preg_replace_callback("(\^([0-9])(.+?)(?=\^[0-9]|$))", function($match) {
$colours = array(
0 => 'black',
1 => 'red',
2 => 'green',
3 => 'yellow',
4 => 'blue',
5 => 'pink',
6 => 'lightblue',
7 => 'white',
8 => 'black',
9 => 'inherit'

return '<span style="color: '.$colours[$match[1]].'">'.$match[2].'</span>';
}, $str);

It's been a long time since I've looked at LFS, but I could've sworn there was a method to escape ^. Not in the manual though and I can't be bothered to download the game to test.
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[PHP] LFS Color Codes -> HTML tag
(6 posts, started )