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(Autotesting) Layout from youtube - 1985 Belfast Zoo
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(Autotesting) Layout from youtube - 1985 Belfast Zoo
Quote from wikipedia :Autotesting involves a series of tests, generally around traffic cones, to measure precision driving skill. The tests often include stopping with the front and rear wheels straddling a line, and always end stopping in a garage (usually marked out with cones). Sections of each test are usually completed in reverse.

(included a few fails to make it look harder )

I saw this video ( ) and found it very impressive.
So I tried to recreate the track of heat 1&2 from that competition.
That was not so easy because the map they show on TV is obviously not to scale and the video uses lots of zoomed perspectives that make it hard to judge distances.

At 50 seconds into the above video the announcer explains the track on a map, so you can look where to go.
It only matters that you pass on the correct sides of obstacles and through the gates in right direction, what you do inbetween is up to you. For example after the first gate you can continue backwards and only turn around at next gate or you can instantly continue in forward direction. Watch the video if that made no sense.

Some notes on the LFS version:
-For practice it found it less annoying to just drive back to start and go again, instead of always reaching for SHIFT+R and wait for countdown. For a timed run must start new race, of course.
-It is not possible to have checkpoints that check driving directions.
So there is only one checkpoint, at halfway. (so you know when you have cleared that gate correctly)
You have to keep track yourself!
-Other reason for not having checkpoints is so that one can better practice without getting spectated for "wrong route" all the time.
-Autotesting ends with stopping in a "garage" area, mimiced by the white pylons that you should not hit, even if they are behind the finish line.
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Damn, I like it a lot!
The menu is really like
The first few attempts were discouraging, but after a couple of laps I really liked.
lap time : 1.16.51
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did not notice your post until now. Thanks for replay, interessting to see others drive.
Map & track

and my prestation...

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i had a visitor on DaciaClub AutoTest server Big grin

Much better!


Under 1 minute with XRT Big grin

nice videos and driving Smile XRT is difficult I think, it is so big.
FZ5 is bigger Big grin

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(Autotesting) Layout from youtube - 1985 Belfast Zoo
(14 posts, started )