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December 31: Sunday: Ultra Comboseries: 50th race
50th and final race of the Ultra Comboseries will be held on December 31, 2017!

Details of the race:

Track: South City Sprint 1 Reverse (SO2R)
Cars: RB4 GT, FXO Turbo and XR GT Turbo (RB4+FXO+XRT)
Race length: 30 laps
Mandatory pit stops: 0 (stops aren't possible)
80% limit: (minimum lap amount to get classified): 24 laps

Race type: Normal race, no special regulations

Minimum license: S2

Schedule (all times are in UTC+2):

- 15:45: Qualifying begins
- 19:45: Qualifying ends and Warm-up/Briefing begins.
- 20:00: Warm-Up/Briefing ends and Race begins

Race length: approximately 25 minutes.
#2 - lucaf
There was definitely a typo on the invitation, since the race was done with UFR cars

Didn't find a cam file for SO2R so I made one and here it is

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December 31: Sunday: Ultra Comboseries: 50th race
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