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D-Link Driver
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D-Link Driver
XP OS is supposed to auto install the drivers for the D-link DFE-530TX 10/100 card.

After downloading a couple of drivers from various sites ( ect) I'm still having the same problem with XP not recognizing my adapter drivers, it does find new hardware but does not find the drivers.

Any hints on how I can get this XP OS to find my adapter drivers would be most welcomed.

#2 - P1lot
IIRC we used to have some of those same cards at my last workplace, using XP.

Instead of relying on automatic search for the new driver, have you tried manually locating the driver?
Choose 'Install from a specific location' and point to your downloaded driver.

Or is the new driver an .exe instead?, where you run it and the driver is installed for you.

Good luck
After two days of hunting and many unsuccessful downloads, I found the XP Drivers for the D-Link 530TX Rev C. You'd think D-Link would be smart enough to have it on thier site, many are named 530TX but don't have the XP drivers in the download.

Glad that's over.
#4 - P1lot
You could have probably used the 500TX drivers, practically the same I expect
If XP OS is not detecting the D-link drivers while installing the windows then don't worry about it. You can install drivers after it. just download the drivers from a reliable website then just install according to the requirements of such drivers.

D-Link Driver
(5 posts, started )