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Formula 1 Season 2017
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Get well soon Billy Monger.
Well done Baku! Big grin What a race this has been!
Yeah, that was very entertaining Smile
Pretty Proud of our young Canuck. Drove far beyond his years.
That's Canadas' first podium since 2001.
he was helped by all the things that went on in that race, but it is cool that he didn't crash under the pressure.
i'll just leave this here

First F1 race I've bothered to watch for well over a year, at least there was some entertainment. Yeah, Right...

Like, who sends out their car without a steering wheel ????? Face -> palm
(Answer - Ferrari)

Lot's of people throwing their toys out of the cot, some actual racing, even a pass. Excitement plus.........

Seriously, even Le Mans is better than this.....

Just watch the Aussi V8's.

PLUS !!!

That looks like A LOT of fun Smile
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This new Formula should be awesome, the old 1970 Formula 5000 racing is very big in NZ and Aus, here's a 2016 race in Aust, and the new Formula looks well worth following.

Although those of you who enjoy racing Prius's will probably be offended by the fact these are V8's on petrol.

More surprised that they went so retro/purist with the styling and layout and then included Launch control and Traction Control.
I have to say before the season I would have never expected ferrari to be so strong. Merc is about as good as they were last year so ferrari has made a huge jump. Merc is a lot faster in quali but their race pace seems pretty equal.
PDR For williams 2018, it's perfect because Merc are leaving DTM at that time too!
Progress of the competition before summer break. If you spot any irregularities, feel free to point them out. Not sure if i got all correctly.
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Vettel said "shit" during the sky coverage of his lap while Valsecchi was was the host with him both watching the tv monitor and talking about the lap, does that count Big grin
F1 2017.......

Q: Fernando, given your 40-place grid penalty for the race, was there anything positive you could take from qualifying? Will the race not be a rather pointless undertaking for you?

Q: Is there anything in the car that gives you hope there could be points tomorrow?

Q: How much do you miss winning?

Q: Should we learn in the coming days or weeks that McLaren will use a Mercedes power unit next year, how will that change how you go about deciding your future?
DejaVu: Nope, only during race session. Smile
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The results of the 2017 guessing bonanza are in.

1st place: Hyperactive with 14 correct guesses
2nd place: AtomAnt with 12 correct guesses
3rd place: zeugnimod with 11 correct guesses

4th was Botswanan Salama with 7 and 5th was MicroSpecV with 5.

Full spreadsheet here.


Was a boring season. :|
Wow, I completely forgot about that. Big grin

Grats to the winner. Tilt

Yeah, there were some exceptions but most races were painful to watch. My dream for next season: Hamilton vs. Vettel vs. Verstappen vs. Alonso with the 4 teams all on the same level. Taped Shut
That was quick getting those results!

Congrats to me, nicely done.
Quote from Hyperactive :That was quick getting those results!

Congrats to me, nicely done.

Yah Congrats. I am the first loser as usual.

Formula 1 Season 2017
(90 posts, started )