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The Grand Tour
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Episode 6 was great! It took them half a season, but they're back in shape
I felt like they were talking about Finnish people and Chocolate bars more then they were cars Shrug
The Le Mans piece was beatiful to watch Smile

"Are we the same species as that ?
NO !"

Not the best episode, probably the first, that didn't work and got edited....

Still, lots of LOLZ. And I want a Alfa quadro thingy wot ever plz....




And, SO1E11, France, lets bugger around in the rain with French Cars.......
14 types of reverse gear.........


A Polar Bear did keel over during this episode. Thumbs up
that's what happens when you drive flat out after the finish line.
Richard Hammond sits down with Mate Rimac, CEO of Rimac, and talks about his crash while filming for The Grand Tour.
From what episode do you recommend watching, watched only the first one and was pretty dissapointed, should i continue with 6th?
#36 - troy
I wasn't impressed with the complete season. Latest season of original TG was better in my book, guess that says it all.
IMHO - If you can watch one, then watch them all. Some episodes are better than others, some things worked, some didn't.

If you like them, watch the whole series and enjoy the good bits.

The series gives the three of them the chance to be themselves, rather than being BBC Top Gear.

"It's very unlikely we'll be fired now," said Clarkson. "We're on the internet – I could pleasure a horse!"

"No!" squeaked Hammond.

Clarkson tried to cut a compromise: "A dog?"

Clarkson, Hammond and May compare CVs

Clarkson, introducing May: "He was born in 1936. He was fired by Car Magazine, fired by Autocar magazine, fired by Scotland on Sunday, and somehow he managed to get fired by a Volvo dealership."

May, introducing Hammond: "He was fired by Radio York, fired by Radio Leeds and fired by Radio Lancashire."

And finally, Hammond introducing Clarkson: "He's basically a shaved ape in a shirt. And he – technically – is the only one of us never to be fired by anyone."

"Here's a sneak peek of The Grand Tour Season 2. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May return later this year for a new season of the world’s greatest show about three middle-aged men rampaging around the world having unusual adventures, driving amazing cars, and engaging in a constant argument about which of them is the biggest idiot. Although it’s also the only show that combines these things so the ‘greatest’ title is pretty much uncontested.

The Grand Tour returns later this year on Prime Video. Catch up on Season 1 now on Prime Video."

The Grand Tour
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