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LX Cup
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LX Cup
Round 1: LX6@Westhill "Historic" Reversed - Sunday 07 May 2017
(This is like Westhill International Reversed but with the bit before the bridge bypassed so it's more like old Westhill International.)

Round 2: LX4@Fern Bay Black - Sunday 28 May 2017

Round 3: LX6@Aston Grand Touring Reverse - Sunday 18 June 2017

Round 4: LX4@Blackwood Historic - Sunday 09 July 2017

Round 5: LX6@ Rockingham ISCC Long - TBC

Round 6: LX4@Custom Track TBD - TBC

Qualification will be a 15 minutes session before each race, starting at 19:30 CEST. Shift+P and shift+S are allowed during qualification.

Races will be timed 1 hour races. Grid based on the results of the qualification session.

Pit stops / free repair. There will be a mandatory pitstop but no pitwindow. There will be a minimum standing time of 15 seconds. During this stop everything except refuelling is allowed (tyre changes, repairs, setup changes). For each second (or partial second) under 15 seconds the driver will get 1 penalty point. For example, if one stops for 12.5 seconds he will get 3 penalty points.

Most light damage will be fixed in 15 seconds. Fixing major damage will take longer, but with this system the time loss for fixing damage will be limited.

Refuelling during the pitstop will come with a 5 points penalty. Of course it is allowed to make a 2nd pitstop. This pitstop is not time limited and does not have to meet the above criteria. Basically 1 of the stops you make during the race has to meet the criteria.

Server will be[MID].

Sign up at for the server password and exceptional levels of kudos.
qualy of first race begins today in 35min from this post
Round 3 is tomorrow. Get some.
Round 3 Today. 90 minutes from this post.
Round 4 is today.
Today at 19:30 CET (2 hours from this post)
The finale race of LX Cup!

LX Cup
(6 posts, started )