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Prevent VPN players from joining
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Prevent VPN players from joining
Good morning , how can I prevent players from the Server when they use VPN ? I want help , Because I don't wan't anyone to join with VPN , Thank you .
Kick players by theire Username?
My question to you is: why you need this?

My answer to my own question: probably because he's trying to run a IP based server (crack). How can I know? Simply: he has no online stats. He didn't join any server on LFS Master Server.
LFS doesn't provide this information.

You could maybe run a little InSim application that blocks certain IP addresses/ranges. There's a packet that reports the IP of the connection.
In LFSLapper it is easy todo that.
There are 4 kinds of variables you can use to kick/ban a player (Username,UserID,IPAdress ( Decimal/NonDecimal)

GetPlayerVar($userName,"LFS_UserID")); #numeric value
GetPlayerVar($userName,"DecimalIPAdress"));numeric value
GetPlayerVar($userName,"IPAdress")); #string

For example to kick a player with a specific IPAdress

Event OnNewPlayerJoin( $userName ) # Player event
IF (GetPlayerVar($userName,"IPAdress") == "") THEN
cmdLFS("/kick ".$userName);

People on this forum are always complaining about illegal communities, but provide all support they need. Poor developers...
But how can I block the player an Automatic way ?
This is going nowhere.

Apparently WillyGz doesnt know, that we know, that he's a cracker.
According to his stats : 0km driving distance.

So ill close this thread.
This thread is closed

Prevent VPN players from joining
(8 posts, closed, started )