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How do I unlock S3?
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How do I unlock S3?
Hi all - I've upgraded to the S3 licence and launched LFS. I locked back to demo version and then unlocked but I've still only got the S2 licence. How do I activate S3 please?

I'm doing a Book a Track Caterham Hire soon and I want to get some practice in Smile
screenshot of LFS entry screen saying its S2?

I dunnot believes you Wink
Screenshot as requested;

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0.6E .. This doesn't contain Rockingham / S3 content. Please upgrade your LFS installation Smile

(Then you need to unlock again, hopefully you are not out of unlocks yet).
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Download an LFS version that supports S3 or modify the Langauge files to say S3 Smile
Ah ok - so just download the current demo version and then unlock it?

I thought the game would auto-update...?
either download current version (0.6R) and unlock it.
or click "Multiplayer" and it will offer to download the update.
After "Display list of hosts" yes.

How do I unlock S3?
(8 posts, started )