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List of URL's related to series and races
Here you can find a list of websites which are related to series and races held in Sport Racing Team Finland's server:
- Sport Racing Team Finland's website (only in Finnish language)
- Another discussion forum (only in Finnish language)
- "Result database" - you can find results and replays of nearly all the races. We used mpRes to make this.
(Site is in Finnish, English and German)

- You can join in Sport Racing Team Finland's server here. Unless otherwise noted, it's open for everyone not banned (of course, you need to fill all the requirements in order to join the server via this URL: LFS-account, sufficient licence, LFS itself)
- Server in LFS Remote
- More simplistic version of viewing a server
- Points/Standings from each series (only in Finnish at the moment, should translate to English as soon as possible). You can also use this site to find out which series have already ended and which are running at the moment (if there is a lock icon next to series name when choosing a table, that series has already ended. If only series name is displayed, that series is running at the moment)
- These races in Leagues-section, I will add races soon there

If any more sites related to Sport Racing Team Finland's series/races will be added, I'll add them in this thread as well.
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List of URL's related to series and races
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