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Output lap data doesn't work in single lap autocross replays
To output lap data from a single player replay, you're supposed to play the replay, hit esc before the desired output lap, and then click on "Output Lap Data".

The trouble is, for a single lap autocross replay, the lap technically already started the instant the replay began playback. So the output lap data function doesn't begin outputting until the lap is finished, thinking it's going to output data for the next lap, which of course never comes.

Any work around or fix for this?

This doesn't work on any track, not just Autocross. For single player races, it's impossible to generate a RAF file from the first lap, even when you start from the back of the grid (filled with AI cars). But for hotlapping there is no problem, even if you pause and click "Output lap data" just before the start line. Perhaps the RAF generator requires that the car has passed the previous timeline (= completed the last sector of the track)?

This does mean that you can't create RAF data from drag races, so you can't use that to optimise your driving or your setup.
Sorry to bump this one, but RAF data from drag races would be great to have, as would (wishing here) a way to export RAF files from every lap of a session without needing to perform the ritual each lap.