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This is Live for Speed - A Short Movie
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This is Live for Speed - A Short Movie
I hope you like it Smile

A short movie about what Live for Speed is all about: pure fun and competition at the same time.

I'd like to say thanks to everyone who helped me make this short movie possible, including:
- [TC] Gaming -
- CityLiga -
- Rony (Rony's Tuesday's Fun Race) -
- Pantiainen (Fox Friday) -
- Storm (B2R Racing) -
- [CLC] CityLifeCrew Cruise -
- [RC] Reality Cruise -
Last but not least, thanks LFS developers for creating this masterpiece! Thanks to your work, many have had great moments racing/drifting/cruising with others and having fun. I'm sure you've connected a lot of people who wouldn't have known each other without having fun together in LFS.

Directed and edited by: Mandula
Music by: Mark Petrie - Anatum (
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March 2017
Very nice! The only thing i don't like in this movie is a lot of blur Frown
Quote from PusicDrift :Holy thats nice! The only thing i don't like in movie is a lot of blur. Tongue

Tried to recreate a tilt-shift effect, which I can't really do in-game Smile
Good video SmileThumbs up
Nice! Big grin

*Make LFS Great Again!*
Nailed it Dan! Nice work. Thumbs up
why zi blur? :/
#8 - BeNoM
So much artificial blur Frown
What is this? Motor-racing for ants?!?! Big grin
Abit too blurry and tiny and sped up for the song - I'd like to have my own go at this with the same song, I could try to suit the theme better Rofl
But then again I don't have any clips - Mandul do you have any to spare? :')
Great stuff! Smile
I have to say that the tilt-shift effect is not very well achieved, it does more to ruin the footage than it does to enhance it. Frown Other than that, it's a fine little movie. Maybe some more intense music could go a long way, make it more attention grabbing.
Thanks for your opinion!

This is Live for Speed - A Short Movie
(13 posts, started )