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Force Feedback Stop Working at 6Q
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Force Feedback Stop Working at 6Q

My Force Feedback function stopped working at lfs 6Q.
In 6P i had no problems with me steering wheel.

Steering wheel is an "Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel".
Connected via USB 2.0 (Windows 10 64bit)

Thx for help!
You should write more information about it. I have same problem with it, wheel just keeps centering and stays stiff even when you start texting or when you are in meniu and I don't know what to do. I thought it will fix it's self when I update lfs version from Q to R but meh still the same.
just found some information in README file

LFS tries to move force feedback wheel to centre when car is reset

maybe this thing makes wheel to act like this.
#4 - fikol
I have the same problem. on 6P all works perfect but 6R dont work force feedback
Microsoft sidewinder ff
1997 right?

20 years old wheel... That is some production quality! Tongue

But.. A bit dated though. See it as an opportunity to upgrade \o/

Force Feedback Stop Working at 6Q
(5 posts, started )