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Ligue FR 2013
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#1 - Kova.
Ligue FR 2013

Hello racers!

After a successfull 2012 season, who saw Ricou to be entitled in front of Worm, the Ligue FR is already back!

The first round was this last Tuesday, and saw a finnish guy to win :P

There is still 12 events to race. And this season, there is 3 joker race, what means that your 3 worsts resultats won't count for championship.

A reminder about how it works for sign-up and qualifying :

Quote from MoMo92i :This league will be powered by gcomp/LFS Lapper automatic system.

You have to subscribe for the race in the lfs france league website HERE

The league is running prequalifying to set pools if more than 32 drivers signed up for the event. You prequalifying laptime will make you enter in your level pool.

gcomp system is linked with the LFS Lapper top list on Ligue FR 2012 server so your best time will be automatically updated in the website. You have until the day of the race to set a prequali time.

This laptime will be also your start position. Races are on Tuesday with 1 month gap between two races. It will be about 1 hour long.

But this season, there is something new : now you're not ranked by your best pre-qualify time, but by the average of your best 10 laps. It means that you have to did at least 10 laps to be qualified for race.

Hope to see you there!
#2 - Kova.

Just a little message to tell that we're still alive and racing.

League FR is currently on it's 5th round in a total of 10. We're not a lot of racers, but we're good enough to have fun.
and still going on !!!! Wink
Everybody's welcome !!

Ligue FR 2013
(3 posts, started )