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Next season and move to S3
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Next season and move to S3
22nd season has been completed and the standings have been calculated.

During the break there was the "Welcome to Rockingham" event.
You find see some animated pictures in this thread:

Here is the new calender of next season, which starts today sunday at CET 19:30 :
The dates are also entered in the LFS calender at

The first season of the S3-League continues the format of the S2 racing:
Ten events of 20 minutes qualifying followed by a 45 minutes race.
The cars and tracks are chosen to be suitable for a beginners while still giving some challenge. New or old drivers always welcome. With exception of the two Rockingham races, all races are of course open for S2 drivers too.
The first race is at Aston with the Formula BMW.

Server details can found on the site after log in.
today XRT at Westhill National (Rev)
this sunday no championship race, but oval testing/race at RO oval.
this evening MRT @ the infamouse South City Chicane Route.
(start of quali circa 1h after this posting)
today UFR @ Kyoto Circuit
Quote from Gutholz :last weeks GTR FXR race

Was considering to take part there,but then I saw those restrictions... Looking That was a typical "no,just no" moment.
Yes, there was already some discussion about that.
This season the drivers with most finishes did pick the races. (within reasonable limits)
Somehow the GTR balance did not caught anyone's eye until it was too close to race day to change without causing confusion. Tilt
Today evening race #10 - the finale!
The driver championship looks decided already - or is it?
Mathematically all drivers in top-3 can still win:

1 [GRT]LRK-racer /1 Gernesian Racing Team 1 288
2 THR Mazdarati/1 Tortoise & Hare Racing (T&H) 266
3 BMR-MondBrot/1 Black Moon Rising 258

Last race of the season is Raceabout @ Rockingham ISSC.
all the race videos this season were done by Mondbrot

Next season and move to S3
(16 posts, started )