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HTC Vive Frame Dropping?
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HTC Vive Frame Dropping?
Hoping someone could shed some light onto this problem. I got my Vive and was excited to use LFS with it. But the frames do stay at 90 though sometimes drop to 75 or even 45. The other issue is when passing objects they, not sure how to put this, teleport in a way. As if the frames are updating at 15fps all the time. Anyways makes it impossible to play, with the stuttering all the time and frame drops. I looked up in some forums that aliasing needs to be turned off. But when I set it to openVR that option is grayed out. Some added information is that I have a 980ti and i7 3.50, which in normal mode runs the game up to 1000 fps. Euro Truck Simulator runs just fine on the Vive. No idea why it's like this, or maybe this is just how it is? I really hope not... Also is there an option to disconnect the head from the vehicle would be great. In Euro Truck Sim when going over bumps the truck moves but your head is stationary. But lfs moves your head with the car which makes me want to vomit. At least have it as an option??
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I found that setting the desktop monitor option to none helped fix any framerate judder issues I had.
Pleased you found a workaround. Thanks for the info.

I don't know why this would be, it sounds like some kind of forced vertical sync. LFS doesn't request vertical sync when it is in a window.

Someone else got the same problem.
What desktop monitor option I have the same issue?
It's called "Monitor view" and you can switch that to "none".

This option is visible in the "Options - View" screen and in the "Options for 3D device" dialog.

HTC Vive Frame Dropping?
(6 posts, started )