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Washington, Illinois Tornado
Please everyone spare a moment for a thought for Zenware and T3charmy who both happened to be affected by the tornado that went through Illinios recently. For those that don't know they are both contributing programmers for this PRISM project.

Quote :The town of Washington, Ill., about 140 miles southwest of Chicago was particularly hard-hit as an EF-4 tornado touched down there. According to the Associated Press, Washington Mayor Gary Manier estimated that between 250 and 500 homes in the town of 16,000 residents were destroyed or seriously damaged Sunday.

zenware sent me a PM last night telling me that he and T3 were still alive and zenware is working in disaster centers and emergency shelters setup around the area.
Oh boy, I thought that the post was about the worst case scenario. I'm glad that they are alive, and hopefuly ok, after the tornado.

I've never been on such a situation, and sure nobody wants to, so I can only wish they can recover from this experience without any further loss.
Quote from Whiskey :I've never been on such a situation, and sure nobody wants to, so I can only wish they can recover from this experience without any further loss.

It's never a fun situation. I applaud their work to help out in the emergency shelters setup in the area. When Hurricane Sandy rolled in too NY last year we pretty much lost a few cities over night. 911 was swamped with calls, Long Beach Fire Department, who are all Volunteers were fighting fires with water up to their chests, and they had multiple building on fire from on the same block, and there were even more fires that they could not even get too. Nassau County has a whole did more calls in the 2 weeks following Sandy then we did all of last year combined. Working as a Captain in another department we covered their ALS (Advanced Life Support) for a while because they lost all of their apparatus. It looks to me, much like what is going on in IL right now.

Anyone who is able to walk should be helping really. This is an MCI (Mass Casualty Incident) Any help anyone can give really helps everyone. It helps the emergency responders, who are incredibly overworked in these situations. It helps the people you are helping because they are getting the help they want or need. And it helps you because you have something to do and you don't think about the devastation surrounding you.
It's really hard to me to realize the magnitude of these catastrophes. The only "positive" thing one can think of under these circumstances is the kindness of the people, wether they have lost everything or they do still have a house like I saw on the video. People helping out now that actually matters must be remembered, and not the ones that will press the Like button on several social websites.
Been helping with clean up and such my self... Some pics...

Washington – 135 homes require MAJOR repairs, 491 total loss
Sunnyland(Part of Washington, but they put it seperate for some reason) – 15 homes require MAJOR repairs, 4 total loss
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Thanks for the update T3, good luck and god speed.
All the best man.

This is one of the worst things which may happen, but theres always light at the end of the tunel.

Keep it up
Yikes. It's yet another hell storm out there right now. Under a tornado warning. I'll let you guys know how things go.

Edit: Ended up going more North of me. Had some crazy winds, thunderstorms, and some hail. Tornados did touch down to my West but they were about an hour or so drive away. It was definitely scary I'll tell you that.