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I was messing about on my s2 account and I thought of cardarts, origionally it was tgoing to use skidpad, but I cant make hills, so instead V1 is just, ramps, chalk and such

When you land you MUST break, now if you go through the railings fine, but the one you stop in you get those points.

White: 5
Red: 10
Blue: 15
Gold: 30

(Also gold and blue are unreachable at this moment <3)

PS: I am bad at layout building, this is just a CONCEPT if I can polish it, make it better, longer and a bit funner I will. If anyone wants to edit and change the map, okay, but remember if its this basemap I want credit..

PSS: For the one idiot who'll post "OOOOH YOUR A DEMO USER BLAH BLAH" I have a S2 account so, hah <3

Link: ... 1xab/AU1X_Cardarts+V1.lyt
why are you using mediafire to upload layouts? you can easily use attachments
let on edit post ..attach layout and screanshoots here
(Is a noob at forums, so shushhy ;-Wink
What is your s2 license?
Quote from R3KInitiate :Go back in my posts.

I suggest posting proof then, what is your LFS account NAME. It's no use telling us you have one because all we could know is that you are bullshitting.

(8 posts, started )