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Unable to upgrade to LFS S3
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Unable to upgrade to LFS S3
After Selecting "Visa" option, entering my address - the payment system does not proceed any further (it breaks before I can enter my credit card details) - it just response with a Non Recoverable error message.

I don't even get to enter my credit card details. See attachment. I cannot use PayPal with my bank.
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Ok - im gonna bump this because I still want to upgrade my license >_>
Select debit card instead, and it should work..

Other option is directly send an email to devs..
I had fun yesterdaY.... made the same mistake....used paypal.... how long does it take for the game to recognize the purchase?
OK thanks - will try it again at end of month when I get paid.

Unable to upgrade to LFS S3
(6 posts, started )