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PHPInSimMod - PRISM Releases
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PHPInSimMod - PRISM Releases
This thread will be used to denote PRISM releases, with each post containing a release log and changes from previous versions.
PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.1.5
PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.1.5
  • First Public Release
  • Core is complete, will maintain connection to InSim and parse all packets with debug information shown in the console.
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PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.1.6
PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.1.6
  • Added Console Options (Now Logs to File)
  • Fixed some packet parsing problems when there was a race with only AI as reported by dawesdust_12.
  • Fixed Shift + R resulting in a crash when there was a race with only AI as reportred by dawesdust_12.
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PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.1.7
PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.1.7
  • Added multi-connection capability
  • Added UDP support, including secondary UDP port
  • Two more ini files, connections.ini and plugins.ini
  • Several small fixes
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PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.1.8
PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.1.8
  • Added packet length check to ensure data integrity.
  • Memory efficient improved in handlePacket function.
  • Added emergency defaults for the cvars array.
  • Made a generic connections.ini file.
  • Implemented GeForz's error handling system.
  • Implemented GeForz's __toString function in structs class.
  • Implemented GeForz's printPacketStructure in strufts class, with some edits.
  • Implemented GeForz's some other edits.

  • Neater default cvars handling.
  • Fixed a duplicate entry in default cvars and added a missing one.
  • Fixed small udpPort bug in case duplicate udpPort was found in connections config causing prism to listen to a nonexistent socket (would throw php error).
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PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.1.9
PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.1.9
  • Finished interactive startup.
  • Made sample config files.
  • Added very basic plugin interface to PRISM.
    • Plugins can now send packets, not just receive them. (Via $this->sendPacket());
    • Added a fullback constructor to the plugins class, should there not be one in the child plugin.
    • Fixed the three shutdown error messages and cleaned up the look of the packet module.
    • plugins::registerPacket function accepts a variable number of packets.
    • Added plugin list to the available console commands under 'P'.
    • Made sure plugins only get packets from their subscribed hosts.
  • Cleaned up some extra information being printed to the console and made it respect the debug level.
  • Added emergency defaults for the cvars array, made not having a cvar.ini file a non fatal error.
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PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.2.0
PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.2.0
  • Updated the packet filter to be compatable with Victor's useHost CSV changes.
  • Does not print_r($this); on each onSay function call in theTime plugin.
  • Major structure changes thoughout the Plugins & PHPInSimMod Class.
  • Added basic admin system to PRISM.
  • Fixed NULL sleep bugs that came to the surface.
  • Prefixed say commands now work as they should.
  • plugin::register* commands done.
  • Admin levels setup.
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PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.3.0
PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.3.0
  • Refactored Core & Modules
  • PRISM can be global'ed for easy access to variables.
  • HTTP server for PRISM with test web page.
  • Telnet server for remote administration.
  • Experimental telnet admin accounts page.
  • Packet properties can now be chained like methods for a quick write of variables.
  • Added admin functions
  • Added admin commands in the admin plugin.
    `prism kick`
    `prism ban`
    `prism spec`
    `prism pit`
  • PRISM now quits when there are no active connections.
  • Game state information now stored on a per host basis.
  • Made protected propertys in the packets class are read only. (Via __get()).
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PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.3.1
PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.3.1
  • Added timers.
    • Plugin::createTimer() function added.
    • Plugin::getTimeout() function added.
    • Plugin::sortTimers() function added.
    • Plugin::executeTimers() function added.
  • Fixed `prism version crashing PRISM.
  • Fixed the prefix var being staticly set to '!', can now be anything as long as you provide it's value in hosts.ini, falls back to '!' tho, or what ever the prefix value found in cvars.ini.
  • Fixed `the time` & `thetime` command not displaying when you've not been a player yet.
  • Fixed information being printed to console not chat.
  • Fixed the way text is sent to the screen when you go past the limit of the packet, now smartly spans muliple messages where available.
  • Fixed buttons only being sent to local client.
  • Callback say commands now only accept the command and ucid of the client, plid is no longer given.
  • Plugin::getUserNameByUCID() is depcracated along with some other functions and are no longer defined. Use Plugin::get[Client/Player]By[UCID,PLID,UName,PName]()->[UName,PName,UCID,PLID,ect] to get the value of the user.
  • Changed the debug level so that packets are not reported to the PRISM console.
  • Tweaked the output of some say commands to make them look better.
  • Rewrite of the index.php file for the www server to make it cleaner, and more useful.
  • Added G-Meter plugin.
  • Added a distance plugin to show people how to get the total distance of a client, in the most accurate way.
  • Added method plugins::getStateByID().
  • Added CSS for index.php.
  • Added many docs about the API, please read over them, I've also added url's for the source materal of these docs as we are going to start using their API syntax alot more.
  • Added pth & smx file parsers in the modules.
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PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.3.2
PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.3.2
  • Added gapmon plugin by NotAnIllusion and fixed some minor errors.
  • Fixed tiny bug in prism_hosts.php.
  • Fix bug when user presses Shift+I. (Fire_Optikz)
  • Change in the time format in theTime plugin. (Fire_Optikz)
  • Fix bug where the BTN is sent to all clients instead of the client who the MCI belongs to. (Fire_Optikz)
  • Fix Crash when admin calls !prism kick or !prism ban. (Fire_Optikz)
  • Fix Error from ->ClickID being 'unset'. (Fire_Optikz)
  • General filesystem cleanup, removed redundant or unused files.
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PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.3.3
PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.3.3
  • Timers work correctly for both one off events and repeating events.
  • Syntax change for the createTimer function, the callback function name is to be the first argument, and the second argument is to be the interval between the timed event and it's firing.
  • The consts Plugin::TIMER_CLOSE, Plugin::TIMER_REPEAT, Plugin::TIMER_NOTRACK are gone.
  • They where replaced with Timer::CLOSE & Timer::REPEAT, there is no Timer::NOTRACK because it's not implemented here.
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PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.3.4
PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.3.4
  • Added Logos made by Flame CZE.
  • Fixed crash when PRISM was used with replays.
  • Removed old www-docs content.
  • Added changes Scawen made to the IS_RST packet regarding timing information.
  • Added methods to the IS_CON packet so it's easy to read the information stored within the bytes.
  • Added support for the IS_CON (Contact) packet.
  • Made sure that setting Flags for each host is properly propogated to the InSim Init packet from the Configuration file.
  • Made getClientBy(U/P)Name case insenstive.
  • Removed database module and variables until a cohesive plan emerges.
  • ISI Flags can now be set to zero.
  • Added comments to the time module.
  • ISI Flags default state no longer includes request for MCI packets.
  • Fixed parse error as reported by cargame within the prism time module.
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PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.3.5
PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.3.5
  • Corrected PRISM Version.
  • Updated MTC's pack function from Msg to Text.
  • Updated admin plugin to the new MTC Text field.
  • Updated theTime plugin to the new MTC Text field.
  • Updated welcome plugin to the new MTC Text field.
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PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.3.6
  • Changed flag ADMIN_LEVEL_O to ADMIN_OBJECT to as to be used with the AutoX related admin commands.
  • Updated welcome plugin now works correctly.
  • Fixed bug when issuing a command as the host.
  • Added isFemale, isAI & isRemote functions to IS_NPL packet.
  • Made some changes to the pth parser for use in a future version.
  • Added the following new packets from LFS version 0.6A1
    • IS_OBH reports information about any object hit.
    • IS_HLV reports incidents that would violate HLVC.
    • IS_PLC sets allowed cars for individual players.
    • IS_AXM to add / remove / clear autocross objects.
    • IS_ACR to report (attempted) admin commands.
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PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.4.0
PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.4.0
  • Added a Button handler, that should be used to ensure no button colisions occur.
    • Includes Button class, to be used in place of IS_BTN directly.
    • Includes Singlton Button Manager.
    • Added an implementable callback called 'onButtonRequest' for plugins.
  • Changed around the registerSayCommand's callback functions order of args, was done in a pervious version but never documented. Beware!
  • Added packet Size default value to IS_CON.
  • Added object list to the prism_layoutobject thanks to T3charmy.
  • Can now also send IS_AXM packets. But be careful as the Info limit of 30 not enforced at the packet level, it must be done so within the plugin.
  • Fixed sent size in IS_HLV & IS_OBH to the CarContOBJ parser.
  • Fixed Undefined variable: command in canUserAccessCommand
  • Fixed IS_ACR's UNPACK definition, now reads correctly.
  • Fixed UNPACK definition of IS_AXM, packet now works as expected when reciving.
  • Fixed crash when IS_OBH is sent due to CarContOBJ->Sp3 being set to protected, change to private.
  • Fixed Undefined variable in prism_plugins (line 252).
  • Fixed IS_PLC's PACK and UNPACK (Thanks Krammeh).
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PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.4.1
PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.4.1
  • Fixed minor crash when running a the `prism reo` command.
  • Fixed a bug in the Reorder plugin by requesting information about the clients & players before anything else. This should also avoid a bug in other plugins, even if the packet requests are redundant.
  • Updated colorButtons, distance, gmeter, LVS, reorder, theTime, & welcome plugins to use simple packet syntax.
  • Simple syntax for packets is now here. You can now have one line both create and send a packet. No more $MTC = new IS_MTC; You can now do it all in one line like, IS_MTC()->UCID(0)->Text('Hello')->Send(); If you need a refrence, you can still edit the object right away like so, $MTC = IS_MTC()->UCID($UCID); This is pretty useful when you know your going to send a message, but it has many possilbe text values. Or you might be sending a diffrent line to the same person.
  • Fixed bug in `prism exit`, now works correctly.
  • `prism help` will only show commands available at that clients level. Also made changes in prep for loading and unloading plugins at run time.
  • Added more detail to ClientHandler about the PRISM admin level of the client. New methods include isPRISMAdmin, isTemporaray, getConnection & getAccessFlags. isAdmin now reports TRUE in the case that the client is a PRISM or LFS admin on the host.
  • Ensured that UNames are handled as case insenstive throughout the admin module.
  • Admin plugin updated so that Kick, Ban, Spec & Pit commands are all handled by one method. Basis of loading & unloading plugins at runtime was added.
  • Removed debug code from IS_MTC class.
  • Demo Plugin to show Button/ButtonManager usage (plugins/buttonTest.php)
  • Button class and button manager are now in a usable state.
  • Fixed pylons plugin (include statement).
  • Moved packet-dispatching for buttonmanager to statehandler to avoid multiple calls for one packet
  • Logging improvements. Packets in now show <, packets out now show > in front.
  • Fixed Typo in Type of IS_BTT
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PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.4.2
PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.4.2
  • Version changed to 0.4.2
  • Added timeToString & timeToStr functions.
  • Changes to this file allow for the `prism exit` command be used to restart, it also will automaticly restart PRISM in the event of a crash.
  • Fixed an error where the Player class functions would check Flags and not the correct PType property.
  • Removed module prism_state, as it was no longer used by any part of prism. Everything has already been moved over to the current State Handler.
  • Updated CRON to reflect up coming changes (Thanks filur).
  • Updated to current version of LVS.
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PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.4.3
PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.4.3
  • Updated to Version 0.4.3.
    Updates to support PHP 5.4.0.
    • Fixed parse error when used with PHP 5.4 RC1.
    • Fixed fatal error when used with PHP 5.4 RC1.
    • Fixed STRICT warning when calling the interactive query method in a static context on PHP 5.4.0.
    State Handler Fixes and Improvements
    • Massive update to state handler, the classes are now much better devided into their roles, lots of redundant code removed, still need to check TOC packet, and for 5.3.x compatability.
    • Added some functions to the Client & Player Hanlder.
    • ISP_TOC handling done.
    PTH & SMX module fixes and improvements
    • Added the Data Directory, that includes the PTH files used for the LVS plugin, and by the PTH module.
    • Moved the inPoly method into the pth parser, and added some new methods to use that can be found in the LVS example plugin.
    • Completly rewrote the PTH parer (twice).
    • Fixed PTH parser, was using l, but needed V because some numbers where too large.
    • Fixed small errors in the pth parser.
    • Completly rewrote the SMX parer.
    • Fixed SMX parser, was using l, but needed V because some numbers where too large.
    OutGuage Support
    • First draft of OutGauge support. Has config and network facilities and parses packet. Needs a method to actually do something with it.
    • Added OSP & OGP consts, and added their ID's to the TYPEs array.
    • Updates the OutSimPack's & OutGuagePack's PACK, UNPACK and added LENGTH and added a special unpack method to both.
    • Made OutGuage code cross refrence the information from the OutGuagePack class. That also made the code much more concise.
    General Fixes and Corrections
    • Fixed crash on player pitting.
    • Made the dedicated or listen server, answer choices make sense.
    • Slight Change for T3, to allow for plugin defined parameters to be received by the onClick handler.
    • Changed the string type for the Plate's from a NULL Padded (a) string to a SPACE Padded string (A), in response to a bug report 29 by PoVo. This effects, CPR, NPL and RES packets.
    • Fixes issue 26, reported by PoVo, where a client presses Shift + I PRISM would crash.
    • PoVo confirmed fix for the button interface, un-commented ButtonManager::buttonsForHost();
    • Fixed bug when pitting due to the handling of the Tyres.
    • Added some questions to the interactive start for the hosts, so we can find out what flags to set. I've also added default ports to both HTTP and Telnet.
    • Fixed bug where no plugins are loaded when PRISM_DEBUG_CORE is not set.
    • Fixed duplicate port-check.
    • Fixed data types for ints in the packests, where their signed long machine byte order variant, now they all are unsigned long little endian byte order as they should be.
    • Fixed PACK/UNPACK in IS_RST
    • Fixed PACK string of IS_MTC, so that sound does work.
    • Fixed a capital K in parent::unpack in the IS_HLV class.
    • Fixed missing semi-colon after class for IS_TINY.
    Plugin Update, Changes and Improvements
    • Added iTunes control plugin (Works only on Windows)
    • Added Timing & Scoring plugin.
    • Removed some testing plugins that are no longer needed. (AutoX, Button Test, Color Buttons, Contact, Distance, Gap Monitor & GapMon, and Pylons.
    • Fixed a bug with the PLL, CNL & CPR packets going to the state handler first, removing inforemoving information from the plugin's scope before they have had a chance to use it.
    • Added IS_CPR (Client Player Rename) to list of packets that are sent to the plugin before they are handled by the State Handler.
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PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.4.4
PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.4.4
  • Updated to Version 0.4.4.
    Asorted Fixes
    • Fixed E_STRICT warning with InsimConnection::writeUDP()
    • Fixed up timer bug, which caused another timer with same timestamp to be removed.
    • Merge pull request #30 from LFSPovo/master Fixed timer stop issue reported by Povo.
    • Fixed merge conflicts with messaging branch.
    • Adds IS_NPL fix (Thanks the_angry_angel)
    • Adds IS_TOC fix (Thanks the_angry_angel)
    • Added DarkTime's timer fix for timer's smaller then 1 second. (Thanks DarkTimes)
    PTH & LVS fixes and improvements
    • First attempt at using custom pth files with PRISM, pth files must be in the same dir as the normal pth files (/data/pth/) to load correctly. The layout name must match that of the pth file to load the layout correctly.
    • LVS now reports on / off track events for all players.
    • LVS Plugin now works, with some modifications to the PTH parser as well.
    • Added Image Maker method to PTH parser.
    General Improvements / New Things
    • Msg2Lfs for sending messages to LFS.
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PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.4.5
PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.4.5
  • Version changed to 0.4.5
  • Added ability to create timers with names so that they can later be removed
  • Defined PLC car values Ex: PLC_UF1
  • Fix packet issue introduced in PHP 5.5
  • Fixed Pit Work Flags
  • Added a shell script to make it easier to run PRISM on linux
  • Code clean up(proper use of tabs and { })
  • Fixes Undefined variable: cmdString. prism_plugins.php:213(,219, 231 and ,243)
  • Fixes error from indirect modification of overloaded property... prism_plugins.php:258
  • Fixes Double State information bug
  • Fixes a goof in Timers
  • Includes missing [PLC] declared values that were to be in 0.4.5
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PRISM - 1.1 MB - 1183 views
PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.4.6
PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.4.6
  • Version changed to 0.4.6
  • new "betterButtonManager" adds a bunch of features
    • Alternating Text(seen in LFSLapper)
    • Ability to set a time length to display buttons(seen in LFSLapper)
    • Ability to have GUI Clusters and be able to move them in any direction
  • Updated Welcome plugin to use new betterButtonManager
  • Add new Handicap packet
  • new debug plugin
  • the last fix for the Double NCN packets broke plugins like reorder. this has a more proper(but still somewhat temporary fix)
  • Fix messages(IS_MTC, IS_MST, IS_MSX, IS_MSL) that are longer then the LFS specified length being split and last part of message sending twice.
  • Version changed to
  • Added missing semicolon to the welcome plugin
  • Increase player track limit to 40
  • Fix bugs reported in this thread
  • Moved PRISM Docs to GitHub
  • Version changed to
  • Increased Insim Version to 6. (16da97c)
  • Fix insim packets for G14. Was done incorrectly previously. (16da97c)
  • Add new ISP_NCI packet introduced in 0.6G16 (4844eec & 7460a88)
  • Version changed to
  • Fixed incorrect variable in welcome plugin
  • Reformat code to use spaces not tabs
  • Fix bugs, that has broken buttons since 2012(Not sure how this was never caught before)
  • Fully Support the NCI packet, and properly format IPs
  • Fixed slight issue with RCM command in admin.php plugin
  • Fixed the wrong variable in if statement when adding a click event to a button using betterButtonManager
  • Added 2 new objects to prism_layoutobject
  • Version changed to
  • Fixed Issue with IS_REO so that it now works correctly(in some cases, the old method could crash PRISM).
  • Updated Reorder plugin
  • Added a TranslationEngine(Might need some fine tuning(See notes here)
  • PHP Standards[Sweep #1] by Zenware
  • You can now send a button an array of text on creation for alternating text.
  • Commands are no longer case sensitive(Let me know if you disagree with this change)
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PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.5.0
  • Version changed to
  • Increased to INSIM_VERSION 7
  • Added all new features from 0.6M
    • New Packets (IS_JRR, IS_OCO, IS_UCO)
    • Added Zbyte to IS_OBH
    • Updated IS_SSH packet. Renamed property BMP to Name (Backwards Compatible breaking for anyone who used IS_SSH)
    • Added TINY_ALC and SMALL_ALC to get and set allowed cars (replaces /cars)
Many thanks to Povo for helping with adding the new packets

  • Version changed to
  • Move betterButtonManager readme to docs folder
  • Fixes by FlameCZE
    • Added Rockingham PTH files
    • Updated docs/ to version 0.6M
    • Updated IS_OCO documentation according to InSim.txt version 0.6M
  • Version changed to
  • Fixes PHP 7 compatibility
  • fixes MST, MSX, MSL, & MTC multi-line color issues mentioned in Issue #4
  • Version changed to
  • Fixes TCP Connection crashes
  • Fixes the occasional crash caused when isRelay() is called when $host is equal to null
  • Version changed to
  • Fixes LFS Errors when insim tries to send ISP_MTC and TINY_NCI while ISF_LOCAL is set
  • Forces ISF_REQ_JOIN query in initial setup to only accept yes or no
  • Version changed to
  • Adds ability to select text/background colors when printing to console(Thanks
    • Example:

      ("this is my example text"true"light_green""black")

    • To use this on Windows you will need to download and install ANSICon. To install, extract the zipped download, open command prompt, and cd to the x64 or x86 depending on your OS. and run ansicon.exe -i
    • This should work out of the box on Linux if you use /bin/bash or even /bin/sh
  • Fixes Minor issue with the translation engine
  • Fixes another issue with PHP 7 compatibility(PLC Packet Values aren't treated correctly as they were previously defined. worked fine in PHP 5.6)
  • Version changed to
  • Add Missing variable to PlayerHandler so getPlayerbyUName actually works now
  • Version changed to
  • Move GUI Folder into the data directory for Dygear
  • Add LANG defines to prism_packets.php (example: LANG_EN, LANG_FR, LANG_PL, LANG_DE)
  • Update translateEngine to use the defines(The previous version was technically done wrong) NOTES ON USE HERE
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PRISM - 1.3 MB - 1248 views
  • Version changed to
  • Added new insim updates included in 0.6N
    • Added ISS_DIALOG and ISS_TEXT_ENTRY to the ISS state flags
    • New packet SMALL_LCS - set local car switches (lights, horn, siren)
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PRISM - 1.3 MB - 1340 views
PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.6.0

Increased version to 0.6.0 due to the following plugin breaking changes:
  • Translation engine changes potentially breaking plugins for certain users
  • AddClickEventToBtn from BetterButtonManager caused the incorrect params to be sent in some situations(See below)
  • Add handling for buttons created using UCID 255 ( #63 )
    • correctly handle buttons events even when button is created with UCID 255
  • ClearButtonsForConn when a client disconnects ( #28 )
  • Update Translation Engine ( #64 )
    • Moved Translations to own class which is now inherited by plugins [UserPlugin extends Plugins extends Translations extends Timers]
    • Converted TranslateEngine to a class
      • See how to use Translations in your plugin here
      • Translations are now stored to a static variable for caching
      • To clear cache for your plugin call $this->clearTranslationCache();
      • if you ever called directly called the TranslateEngine function in your plugin(which was not how it was originally intended, but could have been used that way, you'll need to update your code to use translateEngine::translate)
  • Add param to betterButtonManager initButton function that prevents the text from looping
    • This could be really useful in situations such as coundowns so you could do something like:

      #InitButton(ButtonName, Group, Top, Left, Width, Height, ButtonStyle, Text, SecondsToShow, Repeat);
      $this->BTNMan[$UName]->InitButton('testButton''testGroup'25255025ISB_DARK, array('5''4''3''2''1''GO!'), 8false);

      In this situation, it would count down from 5 to 1 and then say go for 3 seconds
    • For help setting up betterButtonManager, there is a readme available here(though it currently doesn't list all of the functions that are available in the betterButtonManager.)
  • Fix situations when using betterButtonManager and addClickEventToBtn and no param array is specified(so it defaulted to null as a result as seen below)

    public function AddClickEventToBtn($Name$Class$Function$Params=null)

    PRISM was treating the null as the parameter intended to send to the function. When there is no params the following is expected:

    function ClickEvent ($BTC$BTN) {
    #BTC has the structure of the BTC packet PRISM receives from the host
        #BTN is the original button that caused the click

PHPInSimMod (PRISM) 0.6.1
  • Fix issue left over from when moving translateEngine to it's own class
  • Add MessageAllHost Plugin function.

    # Sends a message to all servers including the one that called the function
    $this->messageAllHosts('This is sent to all PRISM connected hosts!');

    # Sends a message to all servers but the one that called the function
    $this->messageAllHosts('Message to other host!'true);

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