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Sebastien Loeb Rally - Release Today
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Sebastien Loeb Rally - Release Today
Looks like it's going to be a pile of crap. Just need the reviews to confirm that feeling.

A game released in 2016 that looks the same as RBR...
I'll give the demo a shot when I get home and see how it feels compared to dirt rally. not sure if im the best for physics comparison but will see how it handles.
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I haven't tried it but maybe it's not so bad at least for someone who likes watching replays from trackside cameras.

Regarding the replays, it seems like Codemasters are more proud of showing side windows, mudguards and trees then their car dynamics. Wink
Downloading the demo ... 4.7Go ... omg ^^ I will maybe see it during the weekend ... not tonight Big grin

Quote from Whiskey :...
A game released in 2016 that looks the same as RBR...

if it is the case, it is going to be awsome Big grin
Honestly, I fear it will be very very far from RBR Big grin
Let's see before judging Wink
By the trailer my first impression is that the only good thing about it is the content, but graphics or physics didn't amaze me at all. Gotta read some reviews or try the demo to confirm that.
After few testing :
- menu where only arrows are there to navigate : wtf ??? Did Emmett Brown take them for a ride with a DeLeroan ? RBR was clearly driving me crazy with this ... here, I have no words !
- graphics are quite nice, there is maybe better, but at least it is enough beautiful to have some good moment looking at the scenery
- configuring the wheel was really pain in the a$$
- the general idea for the cars and mode : brilliant. There are Rallye stages, rallycross courses, Pikes Peak (I would have prefer Hill Climb, and then include Pikes Peak). My dream combo based on Group B and older cars to create a simulation around them. And if I understand correctly there are present, aswell as some more recent rallye cars (wich is clearly nice).
- The demo is composed of a modern VW WRC car, a Peugeot 208 S2000 (I guess, not tested) (edit : in fact it is a R5 : 1.6L turbo limited to 280hp) and an old Mini with 95hp. the stage is 5.9km on MonteCarlo with iced asphalt, having lots of changes in textures for the road and scenery : quite nice.
- physics / handling : almost awful ...
Quote from Flotch :...- physics / handling : almost awful ...

Then everything else you mentioned is useless Frown
I know, but being a fan of LFS and in a slightly less tiny margin of RBR and AC (I love them anyway), I am certainly not objective when talking about physics Big grin... but clearly, I fear I will not be a fan of SLR !
I forget to mention the price and the DLC associated ... I am not gonna buy Smile
Downloaded and tried demo today - it seems like an xbox/playstation game that's been ported to pc.

I have i7-3770 with Gtx 580 and 12Gb memory - not cutting edge (or VR capable!), but no slouch either, but even with settings on low, and some turned off, it freezes when driving - anything from hundredths to over a second at a time (spent a lot of time watching the timer freezing and jumping partial and full seconds).

Game never remembers that I have a wheel - always defaults to keyboard, but none of the keys work when driving - only when in menu screen. Once driving, can't escape without CTRL-ALT-DEL and end process. And the brake is default reverse key when in neutral.

Game looks very nice, but I didn't feel like I was driving the car; just aiming in the general direction I wanted to go - and because of the lag, I was usually going in different direction and correcting for wrong behaviour.

Demo now deleted.
"Even without the threat of one of the greatest off-road games ever made Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo would still come up short. There's a dreariness to the visuals that suggests that, no matter how much time Milestone has, it still will never quite have the budget to truly compete; the frame-rate's erratic, the scenery flat and mundane while even your co-driver sounds bored throughout.

You can have the finest stage selection, the most comprehensive car list, but it counts for naught if your handling is so fundamentally limp. Milestone seems to have been caught between the two extremes offered by its contemporaries, .....

....... It's left floundering between the two, though, lost like an errant spectator caught in the halogen glare of a fast-approaching car.
Perhaps Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo's biggest crime is its appetite for understeer, anathema to the art of off-road driving and plain murder when you're trying to thread your way through its narrow, unforgiving stages."

And, after driving the Demo, I think that the above is an accurate review.
(I laugh at 4 gig downloads)
Great tracks/stages, could live with the graphics (LFS !), physics are shyte, Career mode just really annoys me, Cut scenes - 'GTFO', Coding is dodgy - Xeon at 3.2 and GTX580 = unstable framerate, Virtual stuff ?.
Basicly, it doesn't 'feel' right. That's very subjective and others may well love it, but that's how I, and others feel the game currently is.

Disclaimer: RSRBR and Dirt Rally fan(atic).
Quote from sinanju :...Game never remembers that I have a wheel...

I thought I was doing wrong Big grin , glad to see it is a kind of enormous bug Big grin

I noticed some framerate drop quite disturbing in the stage ... according to
Quote from Racer X NZ :...

it looks like this is not linked to demo only ^^

The article is most probably right BTW.

too bad it is not the awaited "RBR 2016" ... with all the models included (I suppose the budget is quite huge ...), it could have been top level by very far !

Still hope Scawen and Eric will include or allow some rallye stages with properly modelised rallycars of the 70s - 80s in the future !!!

Sebastien Loeb Rally - Release Today
(12 posts, started )