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Rendering with wings3D and POVray
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Rendering with wings3D and POVray
Blender is widely used for modeling & rendering. I never manage to actually figure it out, the interface is really hard to use I think. It is very powerful tool but to me it is the least intuitive program ever. Shrug

This post explains how to import the blender-files with wings3D & POVray, which in my opionion are more userfriendly.
I tried only tried it succesfully for the first time a bit ago, so this might be worst tutorial ever.

1) Download the .blend files here: - credits & thanks to Bogey Jammer.

2) Open the "ready to render" file in Blender and select your favorite car from dropdown menu:

3) Load your skin as texture:
I do not know 100% sure how to click, it is bit trial&error. You must be in texture-paint mode I think. Hopefully this helps to figure it out:

4) The .blend file must be exported to a format that wings3D can import.
In Blender click: File -> Export -> Wavefront (obj)

5) Install wings3D & the povray:

6) In wings set the file-path to the exe of povray renderer:

7) For some reason the car loses the skin when imported in wings3D.
The skin can be reassigned in this dialog: Window -> Outliner.
This dialog manages the materials, like how reflective or shiny stuff is.
I also clicked around in the UV-mapping and exported the texture, then replaced it with my skin.
I do not know if this was nessecary or the best way.
(Select carbody, rightclick, uv-mapping)

8) That was the hard part. Actually desiging the scene is now much MUCH quicker than in Blender. Any 3D software is complex tool and wings3D is no exception but in my opinion it is much easier to learn.
Add lights or other objects to the scene as you wish.

9) The camera position that you currently have will also be the perspective used for the render.

10) File -> Render -> POV-Ray (.pov)
Set some options like image resolution. Tada.
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I lack artistic talent but Smile technical side is working okay.

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Rendering with wings3D and POVray
(2 posts, started )