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Round 2 [Nov 29, 2015] - CANCELLED
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Round 2 [Nov 29, 2015] - CANCELLED
Round 2 :: November 29th, 2015

Track: Kyoto Ring Grand Prix Long with Boothy Chicane Layout[WE1r]

Qualifying 15:45 UTC: 60 minutes timed [no limitations]
Race 17:00 UTC: 4 hours timed

With the start of the qualifying session, all Car/Class choices must have been posted. Late changes to the team's car and/or class are penalised with a drive-through penalty at the start of the race.
During qualifying one driver of each team is allowed to drive as many laps as they desire. Jumping to the pits via Shift+P/S is permitted at any time they wish to do so.
Since all classes are on track simutaniously, all cars have the same right to drive a fast lap at any time. Please take into your strategy, that you might run up to a car from a slower category on a fast lap.

The race starts with a standing start a rolling start. The GTR class will be started by the LFS lights, while the five other classes will recieve a chat notification, one at a time (NGT, LX6, RFC, LX4 and TBO), aproximately every 5 seconds, starting their respective races. The grid will be lined-up by classes: GTR, NGT, LX6, RFC, LX4 and TBO. When the pace car enters pitlane, the GTR leader controls the speed. Overtaking is allowed when the Green Flag massage appears. The start will be automatically reviewed. Jump starts will be penelised with a drive-through penalty, either by LFS or by admin.
For a driver change, the entering driver should only join the server on the current driver's in-lap and the outgoing driver should leave the server leave the server within one lap. The driver who did the qualifying laps must drive at least one lap in the race.

Additional Information
In all sessions it is the slower car's task to drive a foreseeable line and it is the faster car's task to pass the slower car safely. Do not force a pass at unappropriate places! Please read the information on how to deal with traffic:
When leaving the pit lane, you must pay attention to the yellow pit exit blendline!
Everyone is asked to respect the rules on chatting: During all sessions, chat is always automatically closed unless the race administrator opens it. There is no such thing as "perm".
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Warum jetzt mit der neuen Schikane. Das hätte wenn schon bei der Anmeldung mit drin stehen müssen. jetzt 4 Tage vor Rennen mit sowas zu kommen find ich nicht gut.
Quote from Ascona b :Warum jetzt mit der neuen Schikane. Das hätte wenn schon bei der Anmeldung mit drin stehen müssen. jetzt 4 Tage vor Rennen mit sowas zu kommen find ich nicht gut.

Ich war mir sicher es von Anfang an geschrieben zu haben, habe ich nicht, das ist scheiße, kann ich verstehen, tut mir leid.


I'm sorry, I havn't pointed out that this Chicane layout is used right away. I thought I did. I know that this is not good, but I'm sorry.
Ja für uns im Team ist es jetzt nicht schlimm, nur wird auch einige Teams geben die nicht in der CL Fahren und für die ist das jetzt schon etwas schnelle und harte umstellung.
Hoff ja das nicht Sonntag jemand auf die Strecke kommt und garnichts von weiss.
Sollte es nicht vor 15min losgehen mit Quali?
Uns fehlt ein Admin auf dem Server Smile
Yes, qualifying should have started 15 minutes ago. I'm not home for another two hours. A substitute for me was organised and should've been there.
Bisher ist keiner da, nur ein paar Fahrer. Kein Admin am server Frown
Frown OK. I'm sorry for that. I try to reach anyone.
ROUND IS POSTPONED. I'm very sorry for the circumstances. Details on the rescheduling will be announced later.
The race is rescheduled to Sunday November 29th 2015.
Sunday is Raceday
As per the PM:

Quote from TFalke55 :Please post your statement here.

[TC] Racing will be attending.
I would do it, if there are any teams who need drivers.
Ittium Racing RS will be present.
Wären morgen auch wieder dabei.

Wenn es wieder zuwenige sind, könnt man es ja wie letztes mal machen. Das man wenigstens ein stint fahren kann.
Könnten diesesmal auch mit 2 mann starten. Smile
#53 will not attend due to lack of drivers. Frown
#17 - jkat
#05 will be there if start lights go green Smile
Thilo, it's not your fault. LFS has simply come to an end.

Thank you anyways!
#21 - troy
Well, I don't think you can only blame LFS.

In my humble opinion there is a time to try new stuff and there is a time to try and cater to the masses.

Right now is probably not the right time to experiment, I think at the moment there is just a tough time to attract people and get them to commit to something new. A lot of the old faces still occasionally check out leagues but don't have the patience or motivation to train alone for something they don't enjoy, after all everybody is here for the close racing.

Make it easy for people to be enthusiastic about something and they will join, Cityliga is probably a good example, same system since years, similar combos since years but people keep coming back.

This and the 8 Hours of Fernbay are examples on the tougher end of the spectrum, in the open endurance cup you will have a hard time committing to a car you enjoy without being forced to join in a class everybody else is driving, unless you're just in for the hotlapping of course.

In the 8 hours of Fernbay you get cars with very long stint times and a track that is really tough on concentration, which turns an event intended to be fun into one that is going to be quite tedious if you don't feel like training for hours.

As I said, that is just my opinion about the whole thing but sometimes it's not a bad idea to go mainstream if you want something to succeed. Unless of course you got so many people banging on your door you can actually get away with alienating some of them.

edit: Almost forgot, with a lower userbase it's probably also a good idea to not deplete it even further with lots of leagues catering to the same type of driver running at the same time, I don't think there's too many people wanting to commit to more than one at a time.
Well Timo, I made some mistakes noone can deny. Plus blaming LFS on stuff wich actually have been known before is too easy. Anyways, I think I can take away some things from it and look into improving them for the future Wink
And I can also agree with troy pretty easily.

Round 2 [Nov 29, 2015] - CANCELLED
(22 posts, started )