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Season 21 starts this sunday
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Season 21 starts this sunday

All Races at sunday 19:30 CEST. 20min quali followed by ~45min race.
This season's special series is the "Westhill Cup".
To join sign up in forum at to see servers+passwords.
racing rules:

17-05: UFR/XFR @ Kyoto Ring National reversed (KY2R) 25 laps
24-05: FOX @ Aston National reversed (AS3R) 25 laps
31-05: Westhill Cup
14-06: LX4+FXO @ Aston Grand Touring (AS6) 14 laps
21-06: FBM @ Fern Bay Gold reversed (FE3R) 34 laps
28-06: Westhill Cup
05-07: GT1 (FZR +20kg) @ Aston Grand Prix (AS5) 17 laps
12-07: LX6 @ South City Long (SO4) 25 laps
19-07: Westhill Cup
26-07: FOX @ Westhill National (WE1) 30 laps
5 week summer break, possible summer competition/single events
06-09: LX4 @ Fern Bay Green (FE2) 35 laps
13-09: Westhill Cup
20-09: RAC @ South City Long reversed (SO4R) 25 laps
27-09: UFR @ Fern Bay Black (FE4) 17 laps
04-10: Westhill Cup
11-10: Westhill Cup

Some pictures from first race by Petsamo Mafia:

The "special races" this season will be the Westhill Cup.
Preliminary schedule, for latest details please use the website:
1: South Hill : FOX, 2 x 20 mins
2: Banana Power Track and Road Circuit: TBO, 2 X 20 Mins
3: Mazda's Layout, XFG, 2x20 Mins
4: Karting International Custom layout, Restricted MRT, 2 x 20 mins
5: Banana Power RallyX, UF1, 2x20mins
6: to be decided

The first race is on Sunday, 31st May. The layout can be driven on the [END] server.
Today the famous "Banana Power Track" with the TBO cars, criss-crossing all over Westhill.
Today continuation of the Westhill Cup on a tricky Road Course featuring the world's most famous roundabout. Two sprint races with XFG starting at 19:30 CET
(~2h from this post)
Today 10th and final race: UFR @ Fern Bay Black
Start in evening at 19:30
(that is 3,5 hours from this post)

Season 21 starts this sunday
(6 posts, started )