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FBM - Classic F1 skin request
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FBM - Classic F1 skin request
Is there any chance someone could make these to add to my collection (and finish my 1995 collection!): Forti FG01, Minardi M195, Pacific PR02, Sauber C14, Jordan 195 (Seriously I would love you forever!)

Forti FG01

Jordan 195

Minardi M195

Pacific PR02

Sauber C14

As there are 5 of them I'm requesting, I don't really mind about the quality; it doesn't have to be perfect. And sorry there are so many pictures, it seems as though [spoiler] tags don't work here. Shrug

Thanks a lot! Smile
Any update on this? I'd love to see some WIP skins! Wink

I know Texpelt said he'd give it a go on the FBM skins thread, but I thought I'd bring this one to life so as to not clog up the thread.
Yeah, would like to see those skins on the FBM! Hope someone got these on their hands and working :b
Bump! Don't want this to go unseen. Frown
Sorry, We are getting hit with crazy storms lately. Im working on RedBull
Bumping this. Seems like it's fading away. Frown
Ah that's really good to hear it's in progress. Keep me updated, thanks a lot for taking this on mate! Smile
Bumpety bump!
I started to make this jordan 195 skin.
Here are one prewiew pic.


Little update.
Maybe continue this later this week. Smile

Oh wow, thanks man! Really good to see there are different people having a go at the skins. Really appreciate it. Smile
quick&dirty Forti:

The Sauber C14 looks like most other Red Bull sponsored formula cars.
Should try to modify one of those: the logo on back seems very complex to line up over the different shapes. Generally would be fair if you already have some collection to share&upload it for others too.
Sure I can put my classic F1 skin collection here, no reason why not. Smile

And thanks a lot for the Forti skin Gutholz, it's exactly what I'm looking for! Nothing too fancy, but still looks amazing. Smile

Is there any chance someone could make a Mastercard Lola skin from the 1997 car they put out but completely failed with? Haha

Edit: Here is my classic F1 skin collection in a pack - (Select slow download)

Enjoy! It's taken a while to collect!
Hope you guys like that skin pack I shared. Smile

Any update on the skins?
Gimme an hour or so, I'm gonna finish mine.


I finished. Feel free to make improvements.
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Quote from liv4eva :
Any update on the skins?

Nothing much, but slowly getting there. Smile
Thanks a lot guys! Both looking really good! Smile

Now just Minardi and Pacific to go and the 1995 collection is complete! Wink
Got any update on the Jordan skin? I can't wait for them all! :P
Quote from liv4eva :Got any update on the Jordan skin? I can't wait for them all! :P

Not really, its so hard to get that peugeot text right and find all those logos in high res/make new ones.
Its not far to complete, but it will take some time.. :/

If you can't make it perfect it doesn't matter. It's the sponsors at the front and sides I think that will make the skin. Smile
Any update?

FBM - Classic F1 skin request
(21 posts, started )