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0.6h problem [with S1 license - now fixed]
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0.6h problem [with S1 license - now fixed]
Hi, recently i installed the version 0.6H in LFS, but I have a problem with circuits S1,I can not play any of them in any layout or version

Here the problem:

That looks like (some of) the data files for the S1 tracks are invalid / corrupted / not unlocked properly.
One thing you could try is run LFS as administrator, lock LFS and unlock LFS again. See if that makes a difference. If it does then LFS is installed with admin privileges, which is wrong. In that case you should install LFS again, to a normal folder, outside of Program Files and run with your normal user account.
Hope that helps (coz i'm not sure). Scawen may otherwise be able to tell you more tomorrow.
I'm having the same issues. It first seems to unlock S1 properly, you can see all S1 content "activated", but then it appears that none of those tracks or cars can be loaded, as seen above. Without success I tried to run a clean install in another directory and get the content working, any ideas?

Woah... I can reproduce this with an S1 license! S1 content just doesn't work after unlocking S1.

Sorry, I never tested an S1 unlock, as I was only supposed to be changing the S2 unlock. I'll look into what's causing the problem.
OK, I have fixed this on the master server.

In the unlocking screen you will need to click:
"Lock LFS (return to DEMO)"

Then unlock again. I have restored your unlocks remaining to 3.

Sorry about the mistake!
Cheers Thumbs up

0.6h problem [with S1 license - now fixed]
(6 posts, started )