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Juho's Layout Thread
Yeah, I've had too much free-time too

1. Aikamoinen Rattimies International Raceway

This track is dedicated to Jamaican Cross-country Skiers.

More layouts will be added later.
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Quote from Smashmolth :Aikamoinen rattimies!

Is this track made for some specific car?

Auto kun auto, niin aina kulkee!

Not specifically made for any car, but it is good for demo cars, as this short tracks usually are. TBOs, FOX, MRT, LX4 are OK too I guess. For GTRs track is too short and narrow.
Lol at turn called cocksinen
On se dece aikamoinen rattimies.
New track available, Westhill Axe Raceway.

(Works with the new update)

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Westhill Minischleife
Nice work mate
Du är så jävla snygg, Juho! Fan vad bra!
Quote from VicaNo :Nice work mate


Quote from wildstyle :Du är så jävla snygg, Juho! Fan vad bra!

Takk så meget, hora!

Aaand, please note that the layout might get some changes in the future because there are a bit more clever ways to make it possible to do races on this layout.
*EDITED post #8.

- removed the older layout and replaced it with the new one


- a proper pit lane, entry and exit
- some unnecessary objects got removed, for example confusing direction plates here and there
- some missing objects were added
- S/F line was moved to the other side of the pit area for practical reasons