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Real Time Rendering
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Real Time Rendering
Since LFS moved to DX9, I wondered, what level of quality can be achieved at the current 3d low poly content if potential of shading will be used at maximum power.
So I decided to do a little experiment.
I completely re-did most of RaceAbout textures according to modern standarts and rendered it in Unity Engine with my PBR shaders.
I purposely didn't touch geometry, and left all sharp edges and bugs of 3d model to show all mistakes of current models.

Here's some screenshots and a link to Web Player (45MB).
May not work properly on intel integrated GPUs

https://faf42552090c8fb619b8a6 ... 1JUMEloaWs/RaceAbout.html
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That looks stunning!
Dmitry this super, but you can better! I'm know.
Looks great!
Really impressive stuff!!!
really nice. i love the little unfinished cylinder peg thing holding up the side mirror. unless you're looking to complain you don't even see it. they really spent the time on stuff that matters

Real Time Rendering
(6 posts, started )