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Turkish Translators Needed!
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Turkish Translators Needed!
The original Turkish translators have become very busy with other aspects of their lives recently and so have not been able to carry on translating, and testing their translations.

So we need someone with quite good English and very good Turkish writing skills to carry on with the translation, which hasn't been updated since April.

We have an online translation system so it should be easy to update the translation and test it with Test Patch U32.

Please post here (in English and Turkish if you want to) if you are the right person for the task!
#2 - ZORER

Turkish is my native language.So there will be no problem about Turkish.
And i managed to get some good points from TOEFL exam a few years ago so my English should be fine.

I'll try to do my best.

Thanks Zorer.

I've added you to the system and sent you an email.
Hi Scawen,
please contact me if you need game translator in Turkish and German languages.
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Turkish Translators Needed!
(4 posts, started )