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t500 rs pedel set up?
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#1 - bud01
t500 rs pedel set up?
Having difficulty setting up the pedals here,

The blue line is constantly up in the bottom right hand corner.
When I press the gas pedal, the middle red line goes up.
When I press the middle pedal (break) green pedal goes up.

Every thing is fine in the windows system set,

Any tips for setting up the t500, I updated the wheel rotation to 900 and that fixed the bottom curve arch for the wheel rotation nicely.

I will be getting the H shifter later today so will be using the side shifters only for next few hours.

How do you get the pedals to work, when I go into game, the middle pedel (break) is acting as the accelerator. left pedal is doing nothing.

Any help appericated, shall I reinstall the game?
** Best answer **
Just click the tab "Axes / FF" and reassign the axes.
#3 - bud01
Thanks Whiskey you got it fixed friend.
just to hop in with similar question (more or less).

i have APelectric potentiometer brake and cannot manage to reduce force for braking.
if i brake full force, my rig flexes too much. in other sims there is way to modify brake pedal travel and full pressure is not needed.

in g25 profiler changes of brake range and sensitivity does not the trick cause brake is not stock, so only adjustments ingame work.

has anyone same problem?

t500 rs pedel set up?
(4 posts, started )