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What do I want to see?
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What do I want to see?
I have used LFS since around 2003-2004.

I'd love to see the following.
  • Custom Car Specifications (Like the suspension list but in its own page for each car)
  • Full tracks (open config) for all finished. South city has some interesting roads you can jump too
  • Continued support for older windows / wine
I am looking to build legal version of LFS inside wine and will send to developers if I make it properly. It'll be for OS X versions Mavericks, Yosemite, and maybe older versions if I have time will be tested.

It's pretty simple, it contains its own wine instead of people needing separate and I can preinstall all the winetrick needed stuff, tada. I love how I used to play liveforspeed wine on FreeBSD 6-8, now I use hackint0sh OS X- and it works flawless even better FPS then windows almost depending on scenery.

I loved that NASCAR mod, it made everybody have same "different" car after 5+ years of LFSing....why not go offical where servers can limit. Give each car a PP rating with X variation of HP, etc. Then they can make server with 300-400pp allowed and thats under 200-300hp X cars per example. XFR, XRR, etc have a PP of like 400-500 range without mods.

Joining certain servers of LFS, putting to a 9litre slow power, high psi engine just feels so diesely... or going inline 6 rb26 with 18-22psi. Just so fun to do lap after lap with the engine sound. Rotary is hard to replicate would be cool if you guys allowed us to model out engines if server allows.

Sure I can de-tune cars, but not make the limits pushed more. The RB4 with 40-80 more hp is a lot more interesting.

Hope nobody offended by my love of "modding" I love mostly stock LFS just change engine values and suspension is all I ever enjoy

Notice no mention of the yet to be delivered new stuff? I'd love just this slowly implemented too would be awesome sauce

What do I want to see?
(1 post, started )