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External fan, based on speed
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External fan, based on speed
This isn't a new idea ( ... l-fan-for-virtual-reality) but it never got funded.

I personally never even backed at the time.

However, having just tried the latest test patch for LFS with my Oculus Rift DK2 and a desk fan pointed at my face, in the MRT5, I can categorically say that it brings a fantastic feeling when driving at speed

The problem is, when you're sitting still, it feels like a desk fan blowing on your face

So, plan is a simple PC fan (or two) connected to SOMETHING that can give me variable voltage based on your speed in LFS.

It's obviously something that only caters for a very specifics scenario (open top cars) but since I've got the fans if I could put something together for £30/£40 then I'd be happy.

So, this is me starting my investigations into this. While a computer programmer for trade I don't have experience with this kind of thing. It seems like these guys might be a good place to start but has anyone done anything like this before?

Cheers in advance!
yes it's something I've dismissed before, but like you pointing a fan at my face (due to a rift) is actually a decent effect within its self !

I only really use open top cars too

I thought about putting something together -I think xsim can control it?

anyway keep us posted with progress

External fan, based on speed
(2 posts, started )