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Video of my simulator room
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Video of my simulator room
Just thought I could put this up here... ... CzVs&

Here is a video of me showing my simulator room. It runs on rFactor 2, where I have some tools that gives me live data and telemetry on LAN computers.
But this is obviously the one I use when doing races on LFS as well

So next time you see me on track on LFS or another sim, you know where I'm sitting!
awesome video
Very nice gaming setup Tommy. I hope you could make some videos more often, especially IRL racing, they are fun to watch. Also good luck to your racing career! There's never too much guys in LFS community who are racing in real life.
Great rig there, Tommy!
Nice Tommy very nice, posted comment on Video

Too much work for playing games.
Quote from Tyrone Johnson :Too much work for playing games.

For some of us simulators are part of work. Especially for the young professional driver!

I'm envious, Tommy. I gotta get me one of them ClubSport wheels!
Thanks, guys!

Will for sure be better at uploading more videos this year - promise!
Tommy, very lucky my friend. :elefant:
Quote from N I K I :Tommy, very lucky my friend. :elefant:

Lucky and hard working! The perfect combination!

Video of my simulator room
(10 posts, started )