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The Humble Bundle
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The Humble Bundle

We have a few threads on certain humble bundle offers, I figured i'd make a central thread for them as there are usually some great deals to be had.

The idea is you pay what you want for a bundle of games and you can choose where your money goes to between the game devs, the humble bundle staff and the charity which is bundle is supporting.

The current humble bundle (at the time of this post) is the Humble Indie Bundle #11. This contains:

Guacamelee! Gold Edition

Dust: An Elysian Tail

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams*

The Swapper

If you pay over the average (Which is around $4.50 at the moment) you get:

Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine


There's also the Weekly Sale which contains several games from The Adventure Company and Friends.

So yeah, post updates on sales in here - Also if you have spare gift keys for games in the bundle, post them here also!

I have a gift link for Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine - first person to send me a PM gets it Edit: ColeusRattus got the code!
Quote from brandons48 :Also if you have spare gift keys for games in the bundle, post them here also!

On the "Click here for your Steam keys" page there is a discouraging paragraph:

Quote :
Steam will not provide extra giftable copies of games you already own.
All purchases are for your personal use only.

But trading is in fact officially legit!

If anyone missed it, there was quite a debate regarding trading/gifting individual keys (rather than gifting a complete bundle) a couple of months ago.

As a result, HB updated their terms of policy and even implemented a gift button for each individual Steam key.

Quote :We’ve just rolled out an experimental feature that allows you to send extra games on Steam to someone else by clicking the gift icon next to the game on your download page. We and the developers we work with trust that our awesome customers will keep spreading the Humble way by sharing extra games with those who will appreciate it. ... 468/you-spoke-we-listened
I have a spare key for Euro Truck Simulator 1, msg me if interested.
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I have no idea where to post this so I'll try here.

Dead Space 1 for free on Origin today. This has nothing to do with deals or something, it's just free. Grab it if you can.
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The Humble Bundle
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