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Lap time
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Lap time
I'm wondering is there a way to get the lap time on BL1 but driving reversed
I'm on demo and I'm trying to improve my driving. I tried even opening server then running airio on it but it didn't worked. Some of you might say "GET S2 !!!", but that I aint asking you if I should get S2 or not. BTW I would if I had the money and if you can get me S2 account then go ahead.
Do you have a job? If not, get one. Save up. Then buy S2.
ffs I'm not asking if I should get S2 ok ?
It is the only solution to your problem.
Quote from Forbin :It is the only solution to your problem.

pretty much this. you can drive 1 track all the time, but that won't improve your driving. knowing how to drive fast on one combo, doesn't mean it carries over to other tracks. If you drive different track, you will see bl1/bl1r entirely different and you'll become faster.
I know its hard but I'm sure that it can be done tru insim
If you're so sure, why don't you code something up?
I dont know how to code
If I coded something I wouldn't ask here for help
have you tried setups from setupgrid?
I have 2 good setups the one is slightly better, it enters with slight slip at the corner and exits with good grip.
The reason why I want to track the time is because I want to try new lines and I'm not sure if they make me slower or faster
Quote from mcmustang :I'm wondering is there a way to get the lap time on BL1 but driving reversed

Back in 2007, when BL1R was left out of demo, EQ Worry did some InSim to make races possible driving reverse by starting from pits. But it didn't become so popular.
I tried using stopwatch but you cant concentrate at the track and the stopwatch at the same time. Plus you cant get the time right
I usualy put my phone(as stopwatch) in the gap between num pad and the three bottond that I rarely use.
When I move the hand to record the lap, I usualy mess the line which later leads on messing the braking on the next corner.
Use LFSLapper - it will give give times for splits, sectors and laps on any of the LFS normal tracks (not open configs) without playing with any configuration, except normal ip's, passwords, etc.

Copy of 'lapper' can be found HERE

Lapper doesn't care what kind of license you have, and there's a whole section on this forum HERE dedicated to the program.

Lapper also comes with a 'pitboard', made by one of the lapper coders, which is an add-on that has to be configured slightly (finding the right file and removing a #) - I loaded something onto YouTube HERE that shows you it in action (need to watch from about half way thru - Pitboard on left of screen).
I've done it and still not helps
made few reversed runs and still no good
is there way to change the insim to act like its on bl1r track ?

Lap time
(16 posts, started )