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TT 2013: Season Discussion
This is for all competitors who have competed in at least one event, just to see what people think about the series so far!

Remember though that the results are publicly available, so think about what you write!

Link to Poll


Feel free to discuss whatever about it here too!
This was originally the thread about the season poll, but I renamed it to fit its new purpose.

Here are a few of my personal ideas for improving the series. Remember these are my personal ideas, we organise these events as a group, and one alone does not make one.

Maybe there should be a track by track balancing, although that might require some thorough testing to get the restrictions nailed down early enough prior to the first race next season.

I think the balance would be greatly improved if the league moved on to use rolling starts over standing ones, would cancel out the biggest disadvantage of the FXO at least!

Although I like the current race formats, in the 90-minute long races it sometimes becomes a bit of a procession really, you settle into your space have a few fights and then carry the car to the finish. Here would be my suggestion for next season.

- A maximum feature race length of ~60 minutes
- The double header sprint race lengths should be set at ~30 minutes
- A new triple header sprint race format with ~20 minute long races

The season would then look like this:

- Round 1: 1x 60 min feature
- Round 2: 2x 30 min sprint
- Round 3: 3x 20 min sprint
- Round 4: 1x 60 min feature
- Round 5: 2x 30 min sprint
- Round 6: 3x 20 min sprint
- Round 7: 1x 60 min feature

Feel free to post your suggestions in this thread or take part in the poll posted above! Opinions and ideas are welcome.
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