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Check in
Hi everyone!
Just a note for those of you who hang out here on the lfsforum, you have to check in for the upcoming NAL season.
That is done on our site of course. Also those of you who are not yet members and want to sign up can do so at the moment.

Let's get this thing rolling!

Have fun!
whats your site link?
Except that signups and such are closed.
Check, check?
Yeh yeh... still slow cuz Ray is busy

Oh well, I won't participate because the GTRs are not fun for me anymore. FZR dominates, and the others are just pointless to drive. I'd rather have the cars balanced before doing a GTR season.

Meanwhile, FOX or FO8 is still loads of fun!!!! *hint hint*
#7 - ZeroR
If need be to remind you guys, WE wanted to do a FO8 season and everyone started to say "no no please it's too hard I suck I'm a poor little guy who doesn't know how to drive!".
So, GTR it is, next season FOX.
No Nick, that was BEFORE the physics patch iirc. FO8 is way more fun now
You do remember correctly, I avoided that information on purpose. We had decided the car(s) to use for the season before the patch and it happens that it is not something we intend to change now.
can't wait for the season start
Man I'm so dissapointed I only saw this today. When will the next season start so I can keep an eye open for signup?
Well, this season hasn't really officially started. The start date WAS Aug 20, then delayed until this past Sunday, the 27th. 41 drivers registered, 14 qualified (because the qually server was open for about 3 days) and no one raced, because there was no server to race on. Communication has been sketchy, mostly on the shout-box on the main site.

We don't really know what is happening.
OK, here is the story That's mostly true except the qualify server, my PC, was up for about 4-5 days, from noon to around 11pm PST, Tuesday-Saturday. On race day, yesterday, about 10 people showed up and we did the 22 laps. That race was unofficial because yes there is a major lack of communication and a lack of bandwidth/servers for everyone. Again, all on my PC.

So, my vote is the season is postponed until we have some servers set in place. If anyone would like to volunteer, we hang out in IRC in the evenings, efnet network, channel #lfsnal (or the chat link on our page). An email to us also works, slowly.

Check in
(14 posts, started )