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PHP4/5 - Parsing LFS Strings.
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#26 - PoVo
Quote from Dygear :Thank you . By chance are you using the class that I attached or one of the functions posted on here?

I'm using the function
Quote from PoVo :I'm using the function

Good, good. The class, when I have a chance to build it out more, will do the job a lot better. But I first have to get to that point with PRISM.
Quote from Dygear :But I first have to get to that point with PRISM.

And I guess that point is now, but I think it will ship with LFSWorldSDK first, and then PRISM later on. Thining of calling the whole thing like LFS DataType or something, but each class will be like LFSTime, LFSString, LFSWhatEver.
What do I need to do, to go from;




Probably also some mb_convert_encoding hmmm?

// edit: just use; function codepage_convert($str, $conv_to = 'UTF-8') {


PHP4/5 - Parsing LFS Strings.
(29 posts, started )