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Console Dedicated Host TEST5
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Quote from Whiskey :From "Commands.txt"

oh, my bad actually there are some quite nice commands which I didnt saw on wiki (?)
Quote from dawesdust_12 :I disagree, cause ten a person couldn't run multiple hosts from 1 dedi install.

yeah, many people (massive hosters) use one install, but run it with different config (argument)
Some commands I found odd that one can't use in a config file. Like /ax load
Quote from sicotange :In the end my report intends to obtain some clarity concerning SHIFT + R voted restarts. More precisely if it's normal that a SHIFT + R vote could result in an auto restart later on when someone spectates during the race. I suppose it's not something that was introduced with TEST5. It's because I was taken by surprise I thought it was TEST5 related thus reported it. It should be fairly easy to "reproduce" if you have a bunch of racers on. Suppose 8 7 players are online and racing. If 3 players vote to restart and at some point 1 racer spectates then an auto restart could be triggered. That is if 50% (or more) of votes are required.

The restart / qualify / exit votes will occur if a non-minority (50% or more) of connections with a player in the race votes for the event. The counting takes place all the time, so when someone spectates this can result in a restart. Simple to reproduce on a local server with two guests. Host and guests join race, one guest votes to restart, nothing happens, other guest spectates, race restarts.
Quote from sicotange :It seems to be the explanation. I still wonder if this is a bug or intentional. Either way it seems unlikely to be related to TEST5. Finally, what is perhaps worth noting is that "/restart" is not reported with IS_ACR when this auto-restart happens.

The imminent restart is reported in a SMALL_VTA. Your InSim program has 3 seconds to cancel the vote action if required.
Thanks for clarifying
You can now download DCon TEST6

FIX : A rare but easy to reproduce crash affecting the new console versions
FIX : Case insensitivity now works on high value Latin characters in usernames
FIX : The hostXXXXX.txt file is now updated after using the /maxguests command
Quote from Scawen :
FIX : Case insensitivity now works on high value Latin characters in usernames

I can confirm this is now working
and I would suggest if you are running demo server with insim to update your host, because it was impossible to ban some users with some insims

Thanks Scawen
what this means?
>>Audi TT^L joined the spectators
It's LFS resetting the codepage from a non-latin codepage back to Latin before displaying the rest of the message. Any ^<character> combination is a message to LFS to change how it's displaying text in some way. Either color, codepage, or other symbol.
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Console Dedicated Host TEST5
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