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Round 3 (K32R) - Protests and Penalties
Use the following format:

Session of Incident (Pre-Qualifying, Qualifying, Race 1/2):
Protestor's LFS Lap:
Timecode of Incident (EITHER MPR time OR Time of Day):
Your Car number:
Protested Car number(s):
Brief description of incident:

Pre-Qualifying protests must also come with a MPR of the incident.

No protests for any session may be posted any later than Monday, 09.06.2013 at 16:45 UTC.
Session of Incident (Pre-Qualifying, Qualifying, Race 1/2): Race 1
Protestor's LFS Lap: 4
Timecode of Incident (EITHER MPR time OR Time of Day): 10min 55sec onwards
Your Car number: 007
Protested Car number(s): 058
Brief description of incident: Car 058 tries to dive down the inside of Car 038 coming into the hairpin, hitting 038 and sending him wide. Car 058 then hits 038 again as 038 makes contact with 007 who is trying to avoid Cars 057 and 075 who have run a bit deep. That contact then spins Car 075 causing me and others to lose a lot of time and positions.
The driver of Car 058 (Matiss Linde) will be awarded a stop-go penalty (equivalent) for Race 1 for causing an incident between multiple cars and gaining a number of positions from it.

The driver of Car 038 (Esa Mikkola) will be awarded a drive-through penalty for not trying to avoid the incident above either and also for unsportsmanlike driving during Round 3 of the 2013 Genuine Racing Turbo Trophy.

Should either of the two drivers repeat their behaviour, they will be put under probation for future rounds.

Other penalties:

The driver of Car 002 (Arttu Ylöstalo) receives a final warning for multiple instances of unsportsmanlike driving during the course of the 3rd round of the 2013 Genuine Racing Turbo Trophy.

Furthermore, the driver of Car 043 (Ray Kingsbury) will be put under a global Genuine Racing probation until December 10, 2013 due to multiple instances of unsafe driving during the 2013 NDR LFSCART Series season which led to the revocation of his road licence.
Additionally, the drivers of Cars 004, 013, 079, 104 and 106 will all receive a 30-point penalty for confirming their attendance and not turning up during the main event.
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