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LFSCART Light Series 2013: Schedule
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LFSCART Light Series 2013: Schedule

LFSCART Light Series 2013 - Schedule

All race lengths are scored laps. Road course races will have an extra (unscored) formation lap; The oval events this season will have two unscored formation laps.

Each road course race distance is the minimum number of laps to exceed 190 kilometres. Each race will be either its scheduled laps or 90 minutes, whichever ends sooner.

Calendar of Events
  1. Aston Grand Prix - Aston Grand Touring Reversed (AS6R) - 3 May 2013
    24 laps - Course Length 8.002 km / 4.972 km - Clear Day
  2. English Grand Prix - Blackwood Grand Prix (BL1) - 17 May 2013
    58 laps - Course Length 3.307 km / 2.055 mi - Cloudy Sunset
  3. Westhill Grand Prix - Westhill International (WE1) - 31 May 2013
    37 laps - Course Length 5.180 km / 3.219 mi - Cloudy Afternoon
  4. Speedweeks Road 190K - Kyoto Grand Touring Reversed (KY3Y_K32R) - 14 June 2013
    25 laps - Course Length 7.707 km / 4.789 mi - Clear Day
  5. The Night Before The 500 - Kyoto Oval (KY1) - 28 June 2013
    64 laps - Course Length 1.852 mi / 2.980 km - Cloudy Afternoon
  6. City 190 - South City Town Course Reversed (SO5R) - 12 July 2013
    61 laps - Course Length 3.146 km / 1.955 mi - Clear Day
  7. Clockwise Challenge - Kyoto Oval Reversed (KY1R) - 26 July 2013
    64 laps - Course Length 1.852 mi / 2.980 km - Clear Day
  8. Jamaican Grand Prix - Fern Bay Gold Reversed (FE3R) - 7 September 2013 - ROUND CANCELLED, NO RESCHEDULING
    61 laps - Course Length 3.146 km / 2.183 mi - Overcast Dusk

  9. Grand Prix Japan - Kyoto Ring National (KY2) - 23 August 2013 - ROUND CANCELLED, NO RESCHEDULING
    37 laps - Course Length 5.138 km / 3.193 mi - Cloudy Afternoon

Event Timetable

19:05 UTC Qualifying, 20 minutes. Field split into two groups, sessions run concurrently on separate servers.
19:31 UTC Grid Stacking Begins
19:40 UTC Formation Lap Begins

NOTE: Qualifying for the oval will begin at 18:30 UTC, and run for at the minimum 45 minutes to allow anyone to qualify on the single-driver Oval format.
Can you consider switching the day of the race from Friday to Saturday?
It would then clash with LFSCART

Its not gonna affect my participation anyway, and iirc it was decided in a poll in the distant past in which case this is pointless - but LFSCART light was very popular last season, and it was on a Sunday. I thought the Sunday timeslot worked well, especially as LFSCART takes the practice, and LFSCART light would be a easy event to decide to drive the day before after LFSCART or something, rather than practicing LFSCART clashing with LFSCART light(Although, based on last season that would affect LFSCART more.)
It's a shame they have changed the day of the race when it was so popular last year.

Our team is very disappointed because we can not participate on Friday because of the time zone.
The 2012 season should actually be considered the exception, not the rule. LFSCART Light has usually been a Friday afternoon/evening series, I do not recall why it was Sundays last year (possibly work schedules or so).

I cannot move it to Sundays reliably, because it would initiate conflicts with the NEC and GT Masters run by Genuine Racing. We are also going to use Sundays for other series, such as LX Challenge, an iTCC one-off exhibition (YES! I SAID iTCC!), and probably a TBO series later in the summer.

@gaston_ar44: I am sorry that you and your teammates cannot participate in LFSCART Light Series 2013 due to the timezone differences, but I hope you consider participating in some of our offerings during the summer when they are announced.

EDIT: I usually look at the past season's thread(s) while preparing a new season, I will try to book dates for 2014 (if we're still doing this then that is, nothing's certain, amirite?) early enough that we get some good dates on Sundays for this.
Dekojester thanks for responding
#7 - J@tko
#8 - CSF
Quote from J@tko :

Yeah. It was supposed to happen last year, then deko decided he'd do it instead... and it never happened... aka, wouldn't be excited until it actually happens.
Round 8 of the 2013 LFSCART Light series has been rescheduled to 7 September 2013, and will follow its usual race day timetable on that date.

The round was rescheduled pursuant to II.2.3 in the NDR Sporting Code, which states that "An event may be suspended, postponed, or abandoned at administration discretion should there be less than 25% of the maximum allowable grid size in attendance."

The Kyoto National round is still scheduled to take place at its scheduled 23rd of August.
Round 9 cancelled, no rescheduling will take place.

LFSCART Light Series 2013: Schedule
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